Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Rain

Yes we have been blessed with more rain then we saw yesterday.
It came down all day in a nice slow steady rate.
A good soaking rain they call it.
About 1/2 inch or lil more.
Now this Sunday AM started off with some sleet mixed in..whew!
That went by quickly though and we warmed up some.
Stayed in high 40s most of day.
Was a good stay inside and do stuff day...which I did.
I cooked our dinner then sewed most of the day till late.

Here is a couple things I made up.
Shopping bags from an old table cloth.

I took an old yellow and white linen tablecloth that had some stains, a few small holes to make up some simple shopping bags.
I did not measure first but was a smaller one for a kitchen table not dining one.
I experimented with them sewing different ways to come up with best way for me.
They have squared bottoms, straps go all-round for more support.
I got two good size bags and a small fold up one out of this one.
The fold up one can be the one to hold the cold milk or other in the bags!
I can shop for us with these bags plus 2 other ones I have already with no problem.
If get dirty just wash and go again!
Look out grocery stores here comes the Bag Lady! Ha!!

Will be makin more now with some other old cloths, more colorful ones!
I have some I have picked up at sales and such.
Like these ones here I used at old cottage.

Did a couple other ones just for FUN...a hoot really.
Keep eye on blog for an announcement about one of them in next few days!!! ;-)



  1. Now see that is the word I was look'in for to describe the GIVE AWAY TREAT...SNAZZY....stay tuned!!!


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