Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blog Envy

Blog Envy

Man on Man do I have blog envy! I envy the ones that can put new posts up every day!!
I can't seem to do that. ;-(
One would think that as empty nesters here we would have loads of time for such things but alas not. I could stay busy 24 /7 if I choose.
Always things to be done for us and others. Always something happening in the family or with our friends.
Seems after a few days of being very busy running and doing I need a day of down time...ya think it is age related???? Ha!!

Have not had much creative time in last week or more so think I am over due!!
I do have some things I want to finish up in my sewing room and also some gifts I want to make.
I love doing this for my family and pals. Seems to me more from the heart then rushing out and buying something that will just be put away in closet.
I remember when we had to clean out DH's mothers home , she had all these 'gifts' still in the original packaging from BDs and Christmas, never used.
Not that they did not mean anything to her, was just that they were not used. She still loved the giver and was appreciative of the thought.
I sure hope I can give gifts that will be used and they will think of me when they see them or use them.
We also love to cook for our family and friends ..that too says..." Hey you mean the world to us, you are special"...Love in a casserole as Aunt Esther used to say!!
So many ways now to gift a special person, time is still the best one I feel, give of your time. You will remember those forever.

I still have my goals to work room redo and the 'keep moving' promise I made to myself.
Our weather here has interfered with my walks. Maybe today will not be as bad, wind wise.
A pal shared this link with me from the American Heart Asso. It is a free program to help us gals 'keep moving'.
I know I need all the help I can get to stay on track .
Hard to self motivate at least for me.

Sunshine too means a lot to me...I will go down in the dumps real quick when it is cloudy and rainy!!!
Used to not be a big factor would just keep getting up or see it as a time to cuddle in and just read maybe.
Not now. I think I may have to get me one of these 'sunshine lamps'...;-)
Now saying this we really NEED the rain here still dry and drought but it is okay with me if it all arrives at night!! ;-)
It did that last night and we got some much needed rain almost an inch!!

We have loads of flowers blooming and trees budding out.
I reckon Mother Nature is just keeping up with the early Easter we will have this year!!
Our border beds are not nearly as nice as they once were. We have lost a lot due to not being able to water.
We are also rethinking our veggie garden plans, may do raised beds or pots.
We will soon have to decide on that as well.

DH is planning on pulling out the lawn equipment and getting ready to cut the yard!!
We seem to have a wonderful crop of wild onions this year and had pretty dandelions all winter...go figure!!!

As we always say we have a 'yard not a lawn'...looks good to us so not worried about the 'lawn police'!!!!

Well seems Spring is doing it's best to arrive on time and once again fill us with awe at what Mother Nature can produce!
All we have to do is take the time to look and enjoy!

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