Sunday, September 19, 2010

So we went to the county fair...

Here a some cute alpacas that we saw.
They seemed to be not too happy to be there.
Loved that fan as it was a tad warm in this end of the tent.
Over all was a pretty day, breezes blowing enough to keep ya from being too hot!
Was dusty so water trucks were keeping dust down for some events.

This is our grand niece Hollyanne up top!
Her schools Jr Varsity and Varsity Cheer squads preformed.
She is the small and cute flyer for the IWA Varsity squad!

Was not too much in the Ribbon Judging Section of sewing, food, etc.
May be the economy and the fact a huge employer, IP, at northern end of our country shut down. So lots folks out of work.
Plus dry hot weather played heck with gardens and crops in Isle of Wight County.

This was a pretty pillow slip that won best in show.
Neat looking I think.

Those fruit ladies made a hit with the judges too!
Super cute simple tote bag!
Let your fabric talk for ya!

Yes one of my favs was best in show!!!
Beautifully painted rooster!
That fella in corner is my DH peeking at me taking the pic! ;-)

Only saw five quilts being judged!
Here are a couple with their ribbons.
That is a Christmas one on the left.

Here is best in show. Were not hung up so we could not see designs very well.
Don't know why. Will ask next time.

Here is a pretty sampler quilt.

This was last one. Has a Moroccan feel to it.
Was surprised there was so few.
Not many needle works in there either.

So anyway we had a funnel cake, looked at lawn mower racers, did the animal tents, judging tents and crafts show.
No rides or band shows for us!
Had a good time.
Caught a ride to parking lot, came on home and took a nap! hahaha!

Looks like another pretty sunny day so hope every one enjoys the last day of the fair!


  1. looks like a great day at the fair

  2. Sounds like our day at the fair here - except that we had a lot of quilts on display. Fairs are such fun - and so tiring (plus we had our two grandsons and their families with us so it was go, go, go all day.)

  3. mmmmmm! Funnel cakes....

  4. Sounds like a lovely day to me...funnel cakes!!! YUM

  5. Too bad there were not more quilts....

  6. Looks like you had a fun time. Yep, I do think you are going to have enter some of your creations!!! HA is a cutie! L,A-

  7. I love going to the fair.

    We have an alpaca farm close by us and those little faces are just precious!!! Guess they are pretty friendly too from what they say.

    Wow....that is a pretty high spot for your niece. Not sure I would trust those gals down below.

  8. Somebody at our church raises alpacas...but I didn't get out to see them now in several months. I'm glad you had a nice time at the fair.

  9. What a wonderful day at the fair.
    Love the Alpacas.
    Oh I have some of that fabric with the swimming fruit ladies.It's some of my favorite.

  10. I always love the fair, so fun to see all the entries. I didn't see many quilts at the state fair here in ND either, maybe people are just to busy to enter now. Your niece is a cutie!

  11. great fun to be had at the fair. ours is just coming up. always look forward to it.


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