Monday, March 31, 2008

Just For Fun GIVE AWAY!!

Is this bag not a hoot???? HA!!!!
I had two ham bags I washed up ,pressed and then decided to make these bags!!
I am calling them Ham Bone Bags! ;-)

I think they will be fun to use come yard sale, flea market season!!
Can carry your cash, a price guide, tape measure, note book and a bottle of water!!
Shoot stop by Hardee's for a Ham Biscuit too... Ha!!!

They are lined with a blue old lookin print and I used a thin batting to give them a lil more body.
Has a double pocket inside.
Nice size strap, also batting lined so should be easy on the shoulder.
Used some red thread to give them a lil pizzazz, also added the old buttons on sides of handles on top cuff.
DH said would make a neat Cook's Christmas Stocking !!Haa!!!

Hey gift bag or lunch bag idea too....something fun, now come on it is really not that WEIRD!! ;-)

Now the fun part!! GIVE AWAY TIME!
I am going to give this one pictured to some lucky person who comments to this post on my blog this week!!
Will get DH to pick a # between 1 and how ever many comments there are on Friday and that person who is that # comment wins!!!
No catch just a fun thing.
Just giving away the one... I am keeping other one for ME! ;-)

I know I have the readers so come on , post and see if you are FEELIN LUCKY!!!


  1. Hey, Miss Lola... those bags are the hogs squeal!!( as in cats meow?)
    I lub em!!


  2. I'm feeling lucky!!! I know that bag wants to live in TN. I hear it calling my name, Deb Deb Deb


  3. Great idea, great bag, would love to win it.

  4. Oh wow Lola gal
    Now that's what I call recycling.

    That little piggy can go to market.


  5. Now if this isn't the cutest thing........I probably would never have thoght of "recycling" like this..........but sure am glad you did!!!!!!

  6. I love these bags.... How clever... I would love to own one!

  7. Love the bag. Never seen one before. I must live in the wrong place as hams we get don't come in bags.
    I am feeling lucky..........I hope.


  8. Hi Lola,
    Love your to be on your blog..

  9. Hi - Karen told us about your bags and blog. How much fun! I like the bunny, too. Nice work. gailmeffner

  10. What cute bags! Have never seen anything like this before.
    Karen K

  11. What a clever idea...and greener too...:)


  12. OMG, this is the CUTEST thing! Being a big "ham" anyway, this would be perfect to carry my pork around in! Thanks for the chance, Miss Lola!!!


  13. Would love to be entered into your drawing.

    Great bag!

  14. Cute !
    Thanks for giving me this opportunity!

  15. Totally great bag!!! I hope I'm the lucky one! (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  16. Lola, Won't I be the talk of Luray when I show off my ham bone bag...hehehe and won't cottage folks be envious...


  17. I love you ham bag bags!!! Me again from over in NN....I used to have tons of ham bags from when we bought the old cure Smithfield hams until we got turned on to Darden family hams. Now instead of cooking them I get them to do it. You cook them the way I do. We always have ham at Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and sometimes around this time of the year. If hurricane suppose to come we do a ham. Also for grandbabies baptisims. I know I still have some bags around here....going to look for them and try my hand at making a bag from one.


Luv hear'in from ya!!