Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Weekend

I made a 'tulip' bag this past week./weekend.
It is called this as a reference to the shape of the pieces you sew up.

Cut 4 pieces shaped like a V/U..haa!
Do outside and inside lining same way.
I used the stiff interfacing on the outside and the iron on batting on the lining.
Gives it good body. I made this one for some one special to carry to work and use for lunch.
She can also use as a purse if she chooses though.
It is a great fabric called Happy Staff from Loralie Designs. I picked it up at the quilt show last month.
One of the nurses on it resembles Jeanette!! So had to have it!!
She and Ken were up from NC this weekend . She loved it!! It is nothing but fun for sure!
Does not take long to do. Will be making some smaller ones for spring for my gals too.

Sadly with Easter coming at me so fast did not have time to do up too much 'Sunday Finery' for the lil ones!!
I have a Birthday Box to mail out to TN ..with Easter candy!!
Speaking of which finding boxes now is becoming a bit of a treasure hunt!!
I wanted to find a nice size one to fit a doll along with a few other things and NOOOO ...all the stores break then down or crush them PDQ for resale or recycling!!
I was not licked though..decided to just repackage the doll and use a smaller box we had on hand!

HDH , and I went along with DS and D DIL to a RV show this weekend.
They were looking for pop up camper till we got there to check them out then decided maybe a small camper trailer may be best for them.
This is why it pays to go check things out for sure.

Was allot of them there to look at as well.
I think they found a couple they liked well enough to maybe see if any used ones, only a few years old, can be found for less.
There were not may Class A's there for us to look at maybe upgrading too...yeah right Ha!!
Think we will stay with this one for a while anyway.
Was some nice 5th wheels there. They are like lil luxury condos on wheels these days!
Course you need a new bigger truck to pull 'em with!!

Saturday we had horrid rain and WIND!!
Seems like house was shaking from it.
We needed rain yes but that wind NO.
We lost phone service for a bit .
Some lost power too. Was some property damage here and there also.

DH spent the day in kitchen, or so it seemed.
Baked a cheese Danish, then did up 2 loves French Bread.
He also did up a batch of jambalaya.
Did not get pics of his weekend dishes this time!!

Sunday we were out before lunch so did not eat again till later.
Had the big Deli Dogs , peppers & onions or cheese and chili with mustard!
Will have to put in some 'rug time' for exersises and walking this week for sure!

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