Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Some New To Me Projects

I had seen these around social media for a bit.
Looked intriguing . So looked at UTube videos and decided needed the original pattern.
FOLD'N STITCH WREATH by Poorhouse Designs.
Easy to read with photos! Always love lots of photos. I am a very visual learner!
My problem came when sewing the units together!!
More than once had to un-sew, as I call it, to flip the unit!
All in all though came out lovely.
The foam is nice and easy to work with. I had mostly the non fusible which works great with a dot or two of glue stick.
I prefer the fusible for this project though. The sew in works good for bag sewing.
Not sure you can see but I added beads to the pretty top piece units at joining points.
The above Christmas one is for our home.


The above one here was a gift to my sweet niece in her favorite, Fall fabrics!
Pretty sure this was a bundle on sale at Joann's .
Now need to get one made for me before Fall decorating time!! ;-)

Here is one just finished for my summer decor. red, white and blue colors. Need to get a pic of  how I have it on our table. Later. We did some stock up shopping so table packed till it all gets where it needs to be!!

Really you should grab a pattern and try it. Not that hard. Does not take lot of fabric. I am thinking a scrappy look would be awesome too. Can hang or use as candle mat or as a table topper.

Here's hoping you keep the fun in sewing this week!


  1. I love this pattern. I made one in school colors for my daughter's college apartment. She used it as a candle mat...it was a hit.

    You made three very nice ones. I would like one in red, white and blue too. Oh gosh...now where is my pattern?

    1. Pattern.....where is that darn pattern! Hahaha! I spend a lot of time looking for stuff too!!


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