Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer Sewing
Here is a pic of the banners I made using these fat quarters from Walmart! Cute!
Made a few for gifts too.
Working on some cross body bags now.  Fun summer fabric from Joann's.  My own pattern I made up from a pic I saw a while back.
These will be simple  square bottom totes to use for summer picnics and concerts in the park!
My sweet sewing room helper hard at work! Where Mama is she has to be also!

So happy the 'Blogger Comment' issue seems to have been resolved!
Can reply to comments once more through email. If you do not receive an email in reply it means you are a No Reply Blogger.


  1. That is such a cute banner. Inspires me to make one for the shelf above my fireplace. The crossbody bags are going to look nice in those fabrics and they are a great idea.

    Nice you have such a helpful partner in the sewing room.

  2. woo-hoo! So happy comments are back :-)

  3. I tried doing what they said and mine did not showup on my email page--so will try again--sweet projects--
    enjoy, di

  4. Lovely banner Lola and great fabrics for your totes.
    Nice to have a furry friend keep you company.

    Suki and sew cute and her quilt is pretty.

  5. Oh those bags look like they are going to be cool! Same pattern as what you made for Alice and I? Good to see you blogging again :) xx

  6. The banner is super cute!! Perfect for summer. The bags too! Have I seen that fabric? Cute!!!


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