Thursday, June 7, 2018


Goodness time flies it seems. May gone and June a week in already.
We have the hot and humid weather  early too.
That normally is a July/August kind of thing.
Thank goodness for AC! No way could I handle going back to just fans.
Though I must say the sound of a fan and the light breeze as I nap brings back sweet summer memories.

We are still here after almost 2yrs not posting!
Not kicking as high but some better than as last I posted here.
Illness can take over your life and do with it as it pleases!
DH's kidneys recovered with time and surgeries.
I still fight the PsA fight. Sometimes it seems it will win but so far I keep coming back!

Not as many updated blogs as there used to be. I do see some bloggers on Facebook.
Others seem to have just gone! Sad though I do understand.
Time gets ahead of you and no time to surf and blog.

Not sewing to sell as much anymore.
Still sewing for my family and pals as often as I can!
Something I love and enjoy and so hope to be able to do for a few more years!
Will share some of my finished projects sewn over last year or so. 

I still tweak my small sewing room around from time to time!
Fabric shopping did not stop while I was away! Lordy!
We found this old sweet painted cupboard on FB Market Place.
Yes filled her right up! She is not all that high dollar. Her age is showing a bit but that suits me just fine!  We can be two old dames hanging out in the sewing room together!
Hope these are not side ways when I upload! Cell phone pics seem to do that a lot!
If they are just tilt your sweet lil head to the right.;-)

Reckon will have to learn Blogger all over again!!
Have seen quite a few interesting notices on my account page.
Not sure what it all means but will deal.
I still enjoy reading my favorite blogs!
Also understand there is a problem with the comment email notices.
If anyone is still reading my blog at this point or get updates and wish to comment, I will just reply post to that comment.

Have a lovely evening!


  1. Well this is a lovely surprise this morning! So nice to hear from you. Life does have a way of reminding us who is in charge. It sounds like things have improved on the health front and I'm happy for you and hubby.

    You found a nice cabinet for fabric storage. Glass doors are important. Can't wait to see what you've been up to in the sewing room, too!

    Many bloggers I follow have turned to Instagram. It is easier to stay connected there and without the hassles of Blogger. I hope Google gets things straightened soon.

    Welcome Back!

    1. Hey darl'n! Hope all is well down your way and family are all doing great!Just not drawn to Instagram. I am too chatty I reckon! ;-)
      I try to keep my FB for family and close folks. Not one of those with 100's of 'friends'.
      Someone said settings on blog would fix email . Have not really looked at that yet.

  2. Well, hello! So nice to hear from you.

    1. Hey sweet lady!
      Hope all is well with you and your family! Enjoying life and sewing too!

  3. Helllooooooooooooo! Good to see you here again!! xx

  4. Yes, there has been a drop in people posting on quilt blogs and I find it sad. Some have moved to Facebook and many to Instagram. The pictures are wonderful on Instagram but not as personal posts.

    1. Who knows maybe blogging will be back in vogue again if probs keep up with FB and such! I just can not do all the social media sites! No keeping up!


Luv hear'in from ya!!