Saturday, June 9, 2018

Happy Saturday!

Has been a fun day.
Nice and sunny though hot.
We left home headed to a Walmart 20 some miles away .
Has a large Craft & Sew Dept.
I was looking for some summer red , white and blue fat quarters.

 Had bought some at another store but when went back they were out of ones I wanted.
So guess what?? None  at this Walmart either! Oh well !!

DH and I took a nice detour to a little town we had never been to.
Not much there but you could tell it was a busy rail road town at one time.
Sad so many small towns have died or are dying away.
We had lunch and ice cream then headed home!

One of the projects I finished up was an I Spy for our great grandson Early.
I call it I Spy a Dino!
He loves his dinosaurs so had to add a couple pieced ones!
Have a 3 more I Spy quilts to do!! One needs to be girly!
Wish I could have it finished by her July 2nd birthday but not going to happen!!
Gee whiz I sure miss my young self at times! hahaha!

Well went to settings but sure did not find a solution to the comment email sitution.
So reckon will just have to go on as we are doing.

Take care now and have a glorious Sunday!


  1. Your I spy quilt is adorable. I love the pieced dinosaurs. This is going to be a it for sure.

    Like the looks of those red, white and blue fabrics, too.

    1. I am pretty sure Early will enjoy his quilt! I just cut the fats up to make banners to drape on mantels.

  2. A gorgeous I Spy quilt and putting it on Point with dinosaurs add to it.


Luv hear'in from ya!!