Thursday, June 14, 2018

Flag Day
 Slipped my mind when scheduling posts today was Flag Day! Here is our display for the summer. Flag items made by hand. Stitched and quilted. Wall in living room.
 When I shared the fabric wreaths/candle mats I mentioned one was on our dining room table.
I sat this nice big rooster planter in the middle and made my center piece around it! All red, white and blue. Small flags here and there.
The runner is a log cabin block runner.
Just pulled out red, white and blue items.
Found that sweet lil pail and straws at Dollar Tree! Saw some nice blue glasses at Family Dollar but left. I may just run by there tomorrow and get them!! Love $$ stores!
I washed up some Starbucks bottles to use with the straws. Look like cute little milk bottles!
Best photos I could get. Lighting not the best.
I only set table for two. Just DH and I.
Have our Old Glory flying in our front yard also. Past photo, cloudy out.
Love using our Americana colors and flags to celebrate our sweet warm summer time!!


  1. Very nice and patriotic tablescape. I've always wanted a flagpole in my yard. Don't know why I've never gotten one.

    1. I think this one was from either Harbor Freight or Northern. DH always takes down when a storm is expected.

  2. hey there friend--I did not realize you were back to posting--welcome back--will readd your blog name to my list--
    I love the wall hanging you made for Alice how cute--I am still working at putting together her box of goodies--
    enjoy, di

    1. Still working on gifts too. Always intended to keep blogging. Life here keeps us on our toes.

  3. Beautiful Flag Day display Lola and we have a flagpole on the Block. With an Aussie flag of course..

    1. Thank you Maria! Sure the Aussie flag is lovely!!


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