Monday, February 11, 2013

Santa Runner

 Here is my next project. It is a red work stichery Santa runner my niece finished.
She bought the pretty Christmas fat quarter bundle at the Williamsburg Joann's.
I cut 2.5 inch sqs. to use for the simple border. The red work is DMC floss on simple muslin. It really is adorable! may have to do me one too!

Now it is all layered ready to quilt. I am thinking holly leaves in the border using a variegated green thread. Will see how it looks. If not happy with that will do a simple line quilting of some sort.

Have the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show coming up this month in Hampton, Va.
Was not sure if I was going to go, but seems is a hard habit to break!
I plan to just take my wee bit o cash, no CC's and be very picky over that I purchase, if anything!
Do enjoy seeing the big winners and what the local guilds display.
Can be a long day but this year I have a new knee!!! YEE HAW!


  1. Really gorgeous Lola no wonder you would like one for yourself...
    The holly quilting in varigated thread would look fabulous....

  2. That's what I did for a recent show. I bought an envelope of cash and that was it. No more. Came home with $1.62. Yep, I made that money squeak!

    We have a big show coming up. One of our LQS is hiring limos. Good for the knees. I've got my tickets ordered for the seminars and i'm ready to go!

  3. That runner is going to be fabulous!!! She is going to love it with the border.

  4. She is going to love your finishing touches. Looks great! May have to add that to my to do list as well. Along with starting an envelope.

  5. I love it. I've been looking at redwork patterns, would love to try. Have fun at the quilt show!

  6. Beautiful.

    Did you see that Quilt In A Day has a contest to encourage quilters to create and finish Christmas theme projects in 2013? I have a link on the page of my blog labeled "giveaways". I hope you'll enter yours. beautiful.


  7. Your projects are always so lovely...sorry to read about the problems you've had in February. CC theft must be very is a break-in.

  8. I love redwork designs. This will make a good display piece for the Christmas holiday season and will be done way ahead of time.


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