Thursday, February 28, 2013

Did a bit o shop'n!

 I did spend a bit with the vendors at the Quilt Show. Not like I needed anything but hey the smell of 'new' just overwhelms me at times! The strawberry fabric is for a birthday gift I need done by August.

We came back by Bella's Quilt Shop in Eagle Harbor for the dessert social. Wish I had taken in the camera for  pic! Lisa had a spread! Wow was there some pretty cakes and yummy sweets!! Anyway $1.00 fats and 50% off sale bin took the rest of my cash! ;-)

Here is a cute Christmas applique sampler quilt.  I have seen this pattern online. For some reason did not get info on this one! I was doing so well with most of the quilts I took pics of doing that this year! Oh well.


  1. nice new things for the stash--love them!!!
    and my birthday is in May--not August???lol
    so--now you say that you really do need to step up on the sewing and stitching!!!!:-)
    Hugs, di and miss gracie


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