Friday, February 15, 2013

Buyer Beware

 This is the pretty fabric bundle I used to do this project. Niece bought it at Joann's Fabrics.

 The person who put it together at Joann's did have a great eye. Very pretty set. They all play well together.
..yes there is a but! The person who cut the fats did not do a very grand job!

Lots of waste here if you had planned to do long strips from the cuts.
These 3 fats were very wonky indeed!
So my buyer beware is you never know what ya have till ya unwrap that bundle!
I do wish I had bought a bundle too though. Wonky and all!
Love the fabrics all together!

Well no sewing today the "maid" has to work her magic to get ready for company this weekend.
If she was not so slack she would work along during the week and not have so much to do at last minute!
Oh well but then no sewing would get done at all!!
We are in the eye for some more snow maybe..will see.

Have a grand weekend!!!


  1. I saw this blog post and thought of you!

    Yup, I've encountered those wonky quarters.

  2. I got caught buying US fats which are smaller than Aussie ones.

  3. I love the embroidered piece that your niece did, it's really lovely. Where did she get it? I love your blog, I just discovered it a couple of months ago but look forward to your posts! Enjoy your company!

    1. I think this one was at bought at Mid Atlantic Quilt show last Feb. Do not know the designer's name. Thanks for commenting. Not familiar with your type ID so did not hit reply from my mail.

  4. Yes that has happened to me before and at quilt stores other than Joanns.


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