Saturday, February 23, 2013

Off to the quilt show!

My gal pals and I are off to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton, Va today!
Sadly we will have rain but it is warmer today...50's!
I  have camera just hope I remember to use it and battery holds!

Here is  Daily Press article about it.


  1. What fun...have a wonderful time! (I love your little selvage bag!)

  2. What a great way to exercise the new knee!!! LOL! Have tons of fun. I always come back from these shows with tons of ideas! I can't wait to see what strikes your fancy!

  3. I'm going to miss it this year. Have fun, and take pictures!

  4. Have fun! I'm off to one next week featuring American antique quilts.

  5. I missed it this year. Sunday, I'll be feeding F-i-L. Today we said good-bye to a good friend who died Monday night. Thursday I had my Nana duties and Friday I had to do a Nana duty at noon. was a wash for me this year. Been several years now. Forget why last year year before my foot was broken. Did Rachel's 6th birthday this morning as they knew we would be wanting to go to Diane's Memorial Service. Third funeral in 20 or less days. M-I-L died Jan 29th around 7:30. At 7 that same night Hubby's first cousin's wife died. The next Mon was M-I-L's funeral and we fed around 75 here afterwards. That Sat we went to Richmond for cousin-in-law's funeral. And now one of our best friend's wife. He introduced me to some of the family from NC saying no relation though same last name but we were considered family. Got to see his cousin who married girl from back home his cousin's wife grew up across from me. She was a lot older than me but we always know each other well. Can't wait to see pics you took at Mid-Atlantic!!!


Luv hear'in from ya!!