Friday, February 8, 2013

Feb Stuff...

Man did Feb ever start with a bang! Not a great one either. We have had to deal with some CC fraud and a break in on our property! Just makes me sad that there are bad people in my world! Have dealt with all the horrid details as best we can. Just makes me feel violated.

DH brought home a bug of some sort from office. So we have had to deal with that. Glad was not a 2 week variety!

I have been steady working on the Virginia Tech Quilt.

So from sewing up patched blocks and rows... quilting the beast (twin size) on the machine. Simple grid quilting. My free motion stars were just not up to par so left them off after all!

Sewing the binding on! Yes those are hair clips ( from $ Tree) that work fine and much cheaper then the quilt clips!

I sew binding on sitting at the sofa. I have a large OTT Lite I use there for hand work. DH and I watch Castle, Mentalist or some such , chat and visit while I sew.

So that is ready for the birthday boy when he and wife come out for his birthday meal celebration!
Nice to have something done!

I am on the the next project now...see on next post!


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about all that. Hugs. I hope you can find peace at home soon.

  2. we had the c c problem to. how do people do that. hugs from one who knows

  3. So sorry about the problems going on. I hope your sewing makes you feel better! It always works for me! :0)

  4. Life isn't always easy on the 'ranch'--oh wait--
    you don't live on a ranch!!!!lol
    love your quilt--it is nice and bright and cheery
    I am ready to sew some binding on a small quilt--
    if I get in the sewing room today!!
    take care--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  5. You took all the crud and made a quilt. Much harder than lemonade. Looks great!

  6. Good grief Lola, I guess it's true that when it rains it pours. I hope the rest of the month goes easier for you. I love the quilt, and never would have thought of using hair clips!

  7. Sorry to hear of your problems Lola..
    Pleased you have some sewing to do to keeep you busy...

  8. It's not a pleasant experience at all but at least neither of you were hurt. You are making such good progress on your quilt. It's way too hot to sit under a quilt here.


Luv hear'in from ya!!