Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow Days

 This is Friday evening. Snow still blowing temps falling even colder. 11F and 10 F is as close to single digits as I wish to be and not even that! COLD IS COLD. Been a long cold week! Yes this from a gal who was raised partly in the cold North! DH left office early to beat the mess that happened in the evening on the  major and other roadways. A big mess!
Snow and ice mix once in a bit. This is out the back window across the field.
 Saturday morning sun coming out! YES! Still cold though.
As you can see it is ice on the walkway. So DH did a scraping job on them. Hoping sunshine would do the rest.
Well we still have ice and snow today, Sunday! Calling for higher temps so this will become a memory soon!!!
DH also did this yesterday! Choc chip cookies with pecans. Oh My warm from oven 'yummyness'!
 I sewed up these..more to do today.

Also have my Tisket Tasket to the layer and quilt point..finally! It almost feels like an antique at this point in time! hahahhaha!

I have another project I wish to work on today as well. Need a bit of variety ya know..;-)
Sunshine is coming though the windows! DH is working in kitchen, (shrimp, fish, cole slaw) , so all is right in my world  as of now!


  1. Oh brrr....that looks cold, but those cookies would definitely warm me up.

  2. I sure wish I had finished that basket is somewhere??? Looks wonderful,

    stay warm

  3. Coming from a snow/ice free part of the world - it's the ice that's the problem Lola? Hope you get some relief soon. Tisket Tasket quilt is beautiful - I lost interest in mine. Applique is not really my thing.

  4. I'm with you on the cold Lola! I'm so over this! It's been bone chilling here also. I'll take those cookies though, wonderful to have such a helpful husband, isn't it!

  5. I did have to laugh--I thought you were going to say that you baked the cookies for DH doing all the shoveling!!!!
    Wished I had a baker/cooker here--haven't talked miss gracie into doing it yet????
    I loved doing that Tisket basket quilt--
    have often thought of doing a second one and doing this one as quilt--the first one I did each one as individual hangings!!!
    we are suppose to get snow, ice and rain tonight and tomorrow--so I will be sewing on something tomorrow!!!
    Hugs, di and miss gracie

  6. All kinds of creativity going on over there. All looking good too.
    This is definitely good sewing/cooking/all things domestic weather.

  7. Yum, choc chip cookies with pecans! My tisket a tasket is really going to be an antique by the time I finish. Lane

  8. Looks like you are keeping busy! I have had to care for a sick Mama so my sewing is on the back burner. Need to get back to my normal routine, however. Hope that happens soon!


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