Thursday, January 20, 2011

Accuquilt Go! and a Mug Rug

Yes I have made a couple mugs rugs along with the rest of blog-land!;-)
I used 2 inch strips and Rose of Sharon flowers cut with my GO!cutter.

Made two matching ones with mugs and chocolate for part of Alice's Christmas gift.
I also made her runners for her table but for some reason I can NOT find any pics of them!! Will have to ask Alice to take some for me!

This is a candle mat I made her with a candle wrap Diana stitched.
She did the wrap in Alice's fav color of purple! ;-)

This is a vanilla scented wax battery candle.
Love these! Does have the flickering look of a real candle without the worry.
I have had mine by fireplace for 2 yrs and batteries still holding.

Well we did finally get all the Christmas stuff back in storage.
So then it was time to put house back to normal, well as normal as we get here.
I like to redo things and so I have been moving things around, pulling this out putting this away. Playing sort of..;-)

Put a few of the snowmen on the mantle for a bit.
Snow Angel is a BittersweetFolkArt Primitives original by my friend Mandy.
If you love some prim check out her patterns...;-)
I think Mr. Winterberry needs to come live here too.

Changed out the wall quilt for one of my very old old ones.
This one is very very worn but I love the part that shows.

We are cloudy now and expecting a rain over night with the occasional flurry.
Yes Winter is still here.

Well back to sewing up some pretties for my dough bowls.
Will share that in another post.


  1. Love your mug rugs, these are the cutiest ones I have seen. Where did you get the pattern?

    Thanks for sharing your projects.

    :) Carolyn

  2. The mug rugs are such a neat idea, I love them Lola, and how you changed out the house. Very cozy and homey!

  3. aaww look at miz angel sitting there on your mantle ..
    i think you do need a Mr Winterberry :)

  4. your mug rugs are happy, and fun!

  5. I will--I will make me some mug rugs one of these days--in the mean time I really like looking at yours!!!
    we are excepting some really really cold weather here!!!

  6. I love mug rugs. Need to make one for hubby. I want to try out some new techniques from some books I got and a mug rug is the perfect playground project.

  7. Hi Lola. Love your Mug Rugs. Aren't they such fun to make.

  8. Love the mug rugs!! I'm sure Alice will love hers too, they are so pretty! Did you end up having a sewing day with her?

  9. Pretty mug rugs. I like the flowers on the mug rugs.


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