Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snowman tweaked..

...just a bit.

He used to look like this...barely there.
Just did not show up enough on the tea stained back ground.

Now he does!
Used a very very light gray over the other DMC.
I know hard to tell a difference in these pics but trust me he pops now!

Speaking of pop'n!! Look at the guy in his jazzy hat!
He is awesomely coool!
Diana stitched up this sampler for me!
In he went in the skinny frame and on the mantle!

We are still cold here.
Did see a flurry or two yesterday and that was it.
Now looks like we may see two more later in week...;-)


  1. I love snowmen, and those two are really cute!

  2. Snowmen are hard to see sometimes! Love the one with the tall hat! :0)

  3. Of course I LOVE your snowmen. Of course I do!

  4. He's too cute Lola! Love the sampler too!
    There's been too much snow and freezing cold here in MI, I'm so ready for spring!

  5. Your snowman does show up better now... but imagine how he'd look with a little sparkle. Hee hee.


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