Saturday, January 8, 2011

Luck, Stitchery and Gifts

Okay this was our New Years Day 'good luck' meal.
Black eyed peas and greens with spiced pineapple ham.
DH made home made crescent rolls as well.
Was all yummy. Enjoyed it!
Now to the luck part.
DH thinks it is not working.
He has a cold. One of those drawn out miserable ones.
Yes I am rethinking this luck thing too! got it..he is sharing it with me too!

This is one of my fav gifts!
I huge wonderful rooster mug from niece and family.
For my Earl Grey tea breaks or nice big mug-o-hazelnut cafe coffee.
Today for herbal tea to keep my head open;-(

Next is this cream-ware rooster napkin holder!
One of my gifts from son and DIL.
So cute holding those snowman napkins on the counter.

Now not sure if you recall me doing this or not.
Red-work stitchery Snow Folk Nativity scene.
Needs another frame for next year.
Did not fit in this one too well.

Diana added these pretty red beads to it!
I think it really gave it that extra special touch!
Just sets it off!

Woe oh woe is me.
Loads to do and really do not feel like it.
Must try though.
The wee sewing room needs a post holiday -sewing like a wild and crazy Santa Granny - clean up!!!

Happy weekend!!


  1. oh that meal looks the stitchery

  2. I"m not big on the greens, but I'd have eaten the rest of it. The stitchery is so cute and I love your rooster gifts, too.

  3. I had collards for breakfast with some fried side meat couldn't find jowls...and at family reunion had black-eyed peas. So far no colds but I have have sniffley (is that a new word?) nose and taking allergy Rx to keep it under control. DH got bad report on eyes on Jan 3 his bd. Cataracts had grown much more than expected and will have to have surgery BUT the bad part is a film on his right eye. Not sure what it is. Struck him last summer driving through Hilton Village going to baseball game. Vision in that eye went blurry in a snap. Sees a specialist there this week and next week will decide what to do if anything about it and when the surgery will be for the cataracts. His reg. doc. hopes the film can be removed in the cataract surgury on that eye.

  4. Maybe the good luck is that is it only a cold and nothing worse.

    Love the gifst - so clever and thoughtful.

  5. All I can say is you made me "chuckle"--hang in there--and drink lots of tea--eat some real spicy food and rest--that's "Dr. Di's" advice and not charge==how is that for friendship!!!!!!??????
    Hugs. Di

  6. Yum....that's it...when I visit your darling home I'll want a meal such as this!
    Great gifts...I enjoyed seeing them shared with us.


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