Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Olde Vintage Hearts..

I call the hearts 'olde vintage' but they are 'newly' made.
Sewed them up using some very very worn old quilt pieces.

I love how they look in my old dough bowl.
This poor old quilt was more 'holey' then righteous as my Mama would say.
Most of the fabrics washed and worn away.
At least parts of it has found new life for me to enjoy.

May have to add some wool hearts with an old key or two.
For now though I think these are just wonderful.

Old and new mix in this vignette.
Warms my soul to look at it.

My lamp is new from our local General Dollar Store!
Who knew they had such cool things!
Just never know where you will find a treasure...;-)


  1. I love what you did with the old quilt Lola,they're beautiful! What a great idea. Don't you just love General Dollar? We have them here, and I can't believe the things you can find there. I even buy their clothes!

  2. I love your vintage hearts! They are so darling and heartwarming :-)

  3. Love vintage and the dough bowl...I've got a few myself! I tell you..I'd feel perfectly at home at yours.

  4. What a lovely way to save old quilts - my friend once made a teddy bear out of an old quilt. They look super in the dough bowl. And the lamp - just darling.

  5. I love anything 'Hearty" and those are really precious from the old quilts--you did a great job!!
    I am looking for a lamp like the one you found for my wicker sewing table!! and I love your snowmen in the last post--cute!!!
    Hugs,di and miss gracie

  6. OOH--I heart your hearts. Very cute! Cool lamp too; I have not been in General Dollar for ever. Must check it out.

  7. Cute snow man love the old as new hearts.

  8. Love your hearts!! Guess I will have to make some more hearts!! LOL

  9. I have this lamp! I love it! You can see it my post today. Dollar General has some good things!


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