Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The 'Forever' Candy Cookie Cottage

Is this not just adorable!
Sitting on a quilted Christmas sampler runner.

This was the birthday gift from DH back in Nov 201o...sooooo last year..;-)
The ginger kids and cookie trees came with it .
Looks real and delicious enough to try a bite!;-)
So cute with the Christmas Snowman and the snow-globe wobble Santa and Snowman!
The elves on the trees are candle huggers that became tree huggers instead...hahahaha!

I showed it in the box only in Nov.. well here is is all set up on the old oak chest in living room .
We had a couple small trees with white lights so used them to make it 'glow'.

Looking across the room.
Shoot should have had a fire going.
Sorry for the glare off the white lights.
No idea why that happens.

I have enjoyed the wee sweet cottage immensely and do not want to take it down!
Ya think if I added some candy hearts I could pull it off for Valentine's Day?????



  1. What an adorable little cottage. Yes add some hearts and make it a Valentines cottage :-)

  2. That is so precious and your room is so inviting!

  3. I've been telling you over and over...I would feel comfortably at home in your cottage. Love it!

  4. Everything is so cute - do add some hearts and keep the cottage up for a long time.

  5. Sure why not and you can add shamrocks for St. Paddy's day!

  6. Oh my, wonder where you found the darling cottage? I have three lighted ceramic "quilt shops" from a Christmas Village collection. They stay up on my book shelf year-round.

  7. OMG Lola, Where did you dh ever find something so adorable!!!I'd try and leave it up as long as possible.

  8. Hey--it sounds like a plan to me!!!
    Love the set up--very "sweet" looking--great gift from DH--
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  9. Definetly can pull off the Valentine's cottage!

  10. What is it made from Lola, it's adorable! I love how you've set it up. I wouldn't want to take it down either. Yeah I think you could pull off a Valentine cottage!

  11. Love your new look blog!!

    Like you I would leave the wee cottage. Adding hearts sounds good.


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