Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moving On

Poor naked tree. It is all packed away in it's bag now.
Yes moving on with the month of January.
Can you believe it is now the second week of the New Year!
Putting the holidays behind us once more.

Loads of Christmas Decor packed up one more time.
Still have a few more things to finish up with all that.
Been a busy time.

Ha... Ha...just thought this fella was looking like.. NO! Not me too..No!

Next on my To Do List is this. TA DA...!!;-)
This is looking into my space inside the door.
To the right is the cutting table and closet.
To left is the pc desk and behind me a book case.
Yes sewing, cutting and ironing can get a bit messy.

When you are doing a lot.
Up till the gift sewing frenzy I had done a pretty good job of straightening up from project to project.
I started moving stuff from pile to pile. ;-(
All I really need to do is put things away in their proper places.
Straighten up the fabric cabinets and closet again.
Putting batting away.
Cleaning off the cutting table!
Whew beginning to sound like a couple days work!
Am I the only one who is messy??
I sure hope not!
Misery loves company ya know!;-)

Yes sewing table end a mess also.
It will look better by weeks end..or that is my plan anyway.
I am still enjoying my 'new' room.
Still tweaking it though.
Lighting is awesome now compared to the dark hole it once was.
Just goes to show painting paneled walls can make such huge difference.

Yesterday was medical run around day for me.
Had some joints drained then some injections.
Not a lot will happen today.
Tomorrow should be better.

We got ice over night with some snow flurries.
Not as bad as it could have been.
Day is not over though and we are to get a mix off an on today.
A cold damp day which is not a good day to be out and about at least for me.
Inside with my own ice packs and heats pads..oh yeah some nice hot tea!
Reading on my NEW KINDLE Santa brought me for Christmas!!
I love being able to just load up a book instead of shopping or library.
Was not sure I would like it but I must say I do!
Really enjoyed having the Kindle yesterday at the medical center.
Easier to handle then a book too.
I was not the only one with one.
Seems it was a Kindle Christmas this year!!

Hope you all are getting on with your New Year and some new projects.
Look forward to seeing them on all your blogs!!
Take care stay warm and dry if you can.
Some kinda Winter we are having so far!!!


  1. Your sewing room looks wonderful....you say messy, I say wonderful....

    Hope you are not in too much discomfort, maybe the shots help?

    I too would like a Kindle but think that is all I would do if I got one.

  2. Hi Lola, Hey you need a little mess in your life. I would not call this a mess, its an area where your artistic juices flow.
    Show me a tidy workplace and I'll show you a sick mind... Stay in and keep warm, hope you are more agile tomorrow.

  3. Isn't it so sad to put away all the beautiful Christmas decorations?? It seems like so much fun putting it all out, but putting them all away is quite a different story.

  4. I love all of my Christmas decorations, but just as soon as Christmas day is over I'm ready to put it away. Maybe it's because I put it out on Thanksgiving weekend! I hope you are a little more comfortable after your trip to the doctor. Take care.

  5. Dismantling everything always seems to take so much longer.

    I am cleaning up my sewing room this week and trying to get organized too after all of the Christmas shopping.

    Hope the pain subsides and you can enjoy a little sewing.

  6. Oh I can so relate to your sewing room. But I must say it looks fun! I could definitely move right in.
    It sounds like you are a little down on health. As I lie on a heating pad myself for my back, I can so relate. I hope you are feeling better!
    Have a sweet day!

  7. We put all our Christmas things away on New Year's Day. It's a tradition in our house. Have fun tidying up your sewing room! :0)

  8. My sewing room ends up the same way. Too much to clean all at once, so I try to do a bit a day until I'm finished. That way I can reward myself with sewing a lot and cleaning a little. Lane

  9. I too got a Kindle for Christmas.

  10. When I can't see my cutting table it is time to clean up. But usually I keep all the fabric for each project in a plastic bin so things only get messy when I am cutting. Since I usually work on several projects at the same time, I have to rotate bins a lot. And sometimes I just "forget" to put stuff away and then we begin to have a mess.

  11. Seems to be a theme cleaning up the sewing room I've been plugging along ever since I found my self climbing over a pile of fabric and other stuff looking for a book I couldn't find. It just got to be ridiculous!

  12. I love your sewing room. So glad that you are organizing it.

  13. Hey Lola, no fun having the medical appointments. Love your sewing room :)

  14. Your room resembles mine. Right now it looks like pepto bismol threw up in mine. I'm in the middle of making a pink tuxedo for mardi gras for a customer (male)and have pink fabric everwhere.


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