Friday, October 1, 2010

Rain, Rain and a GO!

Goodness we have had some rain!
Much needed an all soaked in too!
From late last Sunday up till 7AM today, Friday , we have had close to 12 inches!
Had winds that did a bit of damage but nothing terrible at least out here.
Others had a lot more to deal with.
Areas in NC got close to 20 inches or more!
It did make for not being online with as the heavy rain and clouds blocked the satellite.
So did not get to visit many blogs, comment or reply to comments or do a post on this one!!
I will try to catch up best I can.
Oh well not complaining as we desperately needed this rain!!
Just glad no tornadoes popped up in our neck of the woods when the watches and warnings were up!

So on Monday I had a late delivery by my UPS Fella!!!
Ta Da!!!!!!!!!

It came missing the value die, mat and pick but I called and they will be shipped when back in stock! Very nice folks out there in Nebraska!
Thanks again to Tonya for hosting her giveaway in which I won my GO!

My friend Alice and I had already used our coupons to purchase 2 dies from our LQS.
The 2" strip cutter and the Rose of Sharon die.
Yes this GO! will have two Moms!;-)

Alice came Wed and we played all day. Did loads and loads of 2" strips.
Need these for a Bonnie Hunter Workshop on Oct 8th we are taking together.

Plus this die will go great for all kinds of quilt blocks, sashes, borders , etc.
We have decided to get as many of the strip cutters as we can.
They will work for so many blocks .
If you lay the fabric on just right you can get biased strips for binding as well!

Then we played with the Rose of Sharon some.
This one will come in handy for many a Baltimore style block.
Just have to fiddle with the 'scraps' to get the colors you want in the right places.
Also to remember to add the backing adhesive ...;-)
We were so excited we forgot on some we put through! Hahaha!
I do machine applique and use Heat n Bond Lite.
We had a really fun day!!!
Make sure you go check out the new baby GO! that is now available from Accuquilt !

So all in all been a good week here.
Now today temps are very cool and Fall like.
Weekend is to be cool and sunny! YES!!!

Wishing all a wonderful weekend doing whatever makes ya happy!!!


  1. Sounds like you've been having lots of fun with your new GO! Congrat's on your win! Sorry the weather has been so wet over there! Have a happy weekend!

  2. I got me one but haven't tried it out yet. Ya know me I have to watch the box a while, take it and watch it some more and one day I'll give it a try. I ordered and received the autumn die set to do a runner they had free pattern for on-line. Wonder where I put those directions I printed off????

  3. Oh yes, what a fun day the Rose of Sharon.

  4. yah, Lola and her GO sitting in a tree. G-O-I-N-G

  5. It looks like you are having a sunny day inside! What fun. Now....let's hope the rain will GO away.

  6. Looks like plenty of stash busting going on here! :-) Glad it finally made it for your play date! Oh gosh about that rain! Wasn't it crazy!!

  7. Looks like you've had a lot of fun.

  8. Wow! That was a lot of rain! Congratulations on getting your GO! Mine was missing those things too. Have fun with your Rose of Sharon appliques! :0)

  9. Sweet you got your GO!!!!

    Yes I'm in NC & we have had over 22 inches of rain!! Ughhhhhhhhhhh it's been horrible!!!

  10. dang sounds like you are having waaaaay to much fun woman! we got alot of rain out here too. I have a leak in my roof and it let it be known to me during the 5 days of rain...gggrrrr.....still no phone lines (rain from a couple of months ago did that) but I am still reading and ejoying your blog. ya got any bat in your dies? ya know I lubs my bats! (mauh) Liz

  11. Now if they would just sew themselves up that fast. LOL

  12. You won a GO!!! Congrats - have fun with it! I'm thinking this gadget needs to be included on my Christmas list!

  13. squee! you will love your Go! cutter... stay dry...

  14. Congrats on your Go, you will love it!

  15. Lola, your Go Baby is just like my Cuttlebug for cutting paper....can use dies but I got mine for embossing on paper....just a crank handle......don't know if I need another toy!!!!! Have fun...

  16. HORRAY! It finally came, and you are having sew much fun... Can't wait to see some finished..


Luv hear'in from ya!!