Monday, October 18, 2010

NOT a NICE post..beware a RANT!

Update: Tuesday
We have our appt today at 1:25 at Vets.
When we got up early this AM she was not in the bed on porch we had made for her.
I walked all over .
Gave up came back home.
She showed up a bit ago!
So gave her a wee bit of food and wrapped her up as she was cold.
She is now sleeping in her spot again.
Some how got to figure out a way to keep her from crossing road or roaming.
We have no large outside kennel with shelter or dog run.
Our porch is open and only have carport, no enclosed area.
She also has to be able to get outside I am sure to do 'nature's call', unless all that is shut down too. Have to take this slowly as she does not understand 'indoor' living.

Thanks so VERY much for all your kind offers of support of all kinds!!!!
I know there are more caring and loving folks in this big world than not!!!
We need to wait and see what the Vet has to say first.
If she thinks there is hope for LizaJane and what that will entail.
Will let everyone know results later today!

Hugs all round!!!!
Lola and LizaJane

This precious one is what God or the powers that be has sent our way.

Could you turn a blind eye?

Could you chase it away?

Could you let this happen in the first place!!!!!!

How could an ‘honorable’ hunter allow this to happen?

Even if it is not YOUR dog how could you drive on by????

How many houses has she been by and no one lifted a hand to pet or feed her???

Call Animal Control even?????


Animals who have learned to be feed by human hands DO NOT know how to HUNT for their own food!!!

When will this lesson be taught and learned!!!!!!!!!

She is so loving despite her treatment.

Will just wag that tail on that starved skeleton frame.

She is a Walker Hound. Not a small dog!!

I have cried and cried!!

Fed her a bit of some meat. Have some dog food on the way.

Called Vet to see if she can be seen today or tomorrow.

Will have to see if I have help later to load her in truck if not will be tomorrow.

That is if she remains here over night.

If our Vet decides she has no chance then we will do the HUMANE thing and put her to sleep.

If there is any way that LOVE and CARE can bring her back then she has found a HOME here.

She has a name Liza Jane..;-)

I think our Sadie Angel is smiling on us today.

Who knows Sadie may have been guiding Liza Jane here all along.

Sadly there is no charity to help with vet bills though our Vet will cut us some slack.

May have to begin selling again to help pay these vets bills.

Okay sorry but had to get that out of my system . Well it may not be all out.

Stay tuned for Liza Jane’s progress.

I did do some sewing and was going to share that but it will wait.

This was on my heart today to post.



  1. What a l♥ving person you are I do believe she ended up there because she'd get the l♥ve & care she needs to survive will pray she gets well!

  2. Awe...poor thing! Hopefully she's in good enough health for you to keep her and get her back in shape again. She looks so sweet!

  3. Oh dear Lord! Thank God and your Sadie Angel for bring Liza to you - I hope that she can be saved. The poor darlin' - she certainly found the right person to care for her! Please let us know what the vet says......

  4. Oh, Lola. So sad. Do what you can. Hope help comes soon. Lane

  5. Oh my goodness that poor baby! I'm so glad that she found her way to you. I hope your vet can give her some hope!

  6. I hope your care will bring her back to her old self. I agree how could anyone not take care of her.

  7. My heart breaks seeing those picturs. Bless you for helping her out.

  8. Awwwww-she is so sweet!!! I have two bags of food that Tonya is not allowed to eat. They are yours.
    Prayers that she will recover.

  9. BLESS YOU!!!!!!!! Unbelievable to see this gorgeous dog in such horrible tatters...she has found the right home.....praying and hoping she will recover. My heart aches....

  10. My Mother rescued the same type dog that just showed up one day on her goat farm. Feed small meals as her tummy won't be able to handle a lot at once. I hope and pray that she is recoverable. She looks so sweet. These dogs are kept in tight little dog pens and once a year they are loaded into a truck to go chase deer and they get lost and become ill. Butter Cup Pup (the dog my Mom saved) has turned into a FANTASTIC care giver. She patrols the fence lines and keeps the children away from danger as well as watches over my Mother when she is doing chores. Good luck with your new dog.

  11. Such sadness - she is lucky to have found you.

  12. Please answer my comment with your snail mail addy. I'd be glad to send some $$ towards vet bill.
    We once found a stray cat, took to vet for a check. After all was said and done the vet bill was $150and the cat had to be pts because of advanced cat leukemia.
    That poor dog is a bag of bones, praying she can be made better.

  13. Oh, Lola.....bless Liza Jane's doggie heart. I hope she came to you in time to become whole again. You had every right to rant and rave about that poor creature's condition.

  14. Lola let me know how you make out at the vet I can spare a bit to help you. I think God and Sadie sent her to you because there is hope and you are her hope.

  15. Lola you know this touches my heart. I'm in tears right now for this poor dog. I will be praying continualy for her, and know that with your love she'll be ok. You're so special to take her in. Truly an angel. My best to both Liza, and you.

  16. Hi dear Lola--I think the dog will be ok--she just needs food and vitamins--Our shelter had a dog that looked just like this and now he is a beautiful dog--just feed tiny amounts of food at a time--good luck at the vets!!!
    I had a "troublesome" day with the kittens I have been tending to and feeding--will post about it shortly--and it looks like I will be fostering/adopting one of them--there goes my small dog I wanted!!!!
    Hugs, Di

  17. Oh my god, Lola. This makes me feel like crying. She was certainly sent to you, because you have a loving heart. I do believe Sadie sent her. Please keepmus updated. Can we send donations to you to help? If so, let me know and I'll put out an appeal on my blog too.

  18. This brings tears to my eyes. I hope you can save her. Reply with with your SMA and I'll send some cash to help out too. I've just paid $528.50 for my cat to have dental treatment, what's a few more $$ to help save a life.

  19. OMG!!! I am in tears!!! No doubt in my mind that your sweet Sadie brought Liza Jane to your steps. Praying she will be fine with a little food, gradually increasing to normal meals. Have heard over feeding a starving person or animal can kill and over feeding means what is normally a normal feeding.

  20. You are an angel for helping her and LizaJane is lucky to have found you. I've seen a lot of emaciated dogs rebound into beautiful, healthy dogs.

    I just found a little beagle mix 2 weeks ago and slowly, but surely she's putting on weight! Praying for success at the vets today!

  21. with tears in my eyes, I am all fired up! the cherokee in me wants to do a sneakup and scalp the motherhumper that did that to her. I firmly believe that Sadie and the grannies sent Liza to you for a reason. she reminds me of the time I had gone to wally and saw a dog just like her in the back of a truck. the 'hunter' came out with a small bag of food. myself and a couple of other called the police and reported the lience plate of the truck. never knew what happened to the dog but somehow I like to believe that someone took her in and saved her. just like you will do with LizaJane. (Mauh) Liz

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  23. I would have been horrified and traumatized to find a dog looking like this. How can people be so cruel? I am a big animal lover too and this just breaks my heart. At least her last moments were peaceful with you. Take comfort, you did what you could, and I know she was grateful.


Luv hear'in from ya!!