Monday, September 27, 2010

Not too much happening... in the sewing/ creating department.
Spent time Sat cleaning...(ugh) for the company Sunday!
Did do two more cute Halloween tea towels for the birthday gal.

Yes DIL loved her goodies...the Fall runner, tea towels and candles.
DH and son got the temporary garage put up over DH's vette.

Set the table with a Fall theme.

My Dad collected these pretty gold amber glasses for me back in the 70's.
China plates are an old Limoges pattern that to me says FALL!

The best part of Sunday was in the late evening we got almost 2 inches of rain!!!!!!!
Yes I said RAIN!!!
Doing a bit of it again today as well!!
It is not going to solve the horrific drought and such but is a beginning!!

To be honest I am a tad tired today so not a lot getting done.
I am expecting a DELIVERY here in a bit from my UPS Fella....stay tuned!!!!

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  1. it a GO coming to your house??? Your table looked lovely for the b'day dinner and those towels are so cute.

  2. OOooooo your Going to have so much fun this evening.....also...can I come to your is always so inviting!!

  3. Such beautiful amber glasses, and Those towels are too cute. HOPE YOU ARE READY SET GO!!

  4. Naughty me, I got so busy following all of your links that I forgot to leave a comment. Your towels are very cute. And the table screams fall-very, very nice!!! L,A-

  5. Yippee! Rain! We haven't seen much here either. Your Fall settings are lovely adn I'm delighted to read that your gifts were well received. Hope your are well, I've been out of the loop and missed all the goings on. Cheers, Ann :-)

  6. Oh, what a lovely table setting. I'm all ready for fall and then some! It's such a great time of year. I hope you do get more rain there to help combat the drought you're having. We're having a lot of it here in Michigan and I sure don't want it here come Saturday, as it is our wedding and it's mostly outside. I think I'll have to blow really, really, really hard and send it your way. ;-)

    Hugs and blessings,

  7. Your table setting is just lovely...

  8. Your table looks very inviting! The plates and glasses are so pretty. How fun that your dad got them for you. The '70s don't seem that far away to me! Glad you finally got some rain too.

  9. Your fall table and setting looks so beautiful!


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