Friday, October 22, 2010

Still GO!ing Striping...

Punkin Blossom!

Okay this is last of the Fall 2 inch GO! Strip die projects!!
It is going to be a small candle mat.
Constructed same as Happy Jack in yesterday's post.
Instead of a face I did a pretty GO! Die Rose of Sharon blossom with leaves in bottom right corner.
I added a freehand drawn leaf at the stem.
Will add a dark brown binding.
This would also make a pretty block for a Fall quilt or runner.
Hope you have enjoyed seeing my Fall projects using the Go! Cutter dies I have used .

Next are the Christmas ones!!!
Well later as in next week !!
Busy from today on through Wed of next week!!

Today is Doc appt for Aunt Dot that will be a 3 hour or so one.
We plan to go to a lovely Fall Days event this weekend, Sat or Sunday not sure which.
Hope to remember to get some pics.

Then next week is my annual Doc appts and my mammogram!
I do hope all my blogging gal pals have had one this year!
Oct is Breast Cancer Month a good time to make an appt and go!

Take care be safe and enjoy your weekend!!


  1. tee hee hee... You're a stripper!

  2. Very Nice.
    Hope all went well with your Aunt Dot.
    I have also had my Two yearly lady checks recently.Thnaks for the reminder.

  3. That is very pretty and would make a lovely block on a quilt....kind of a shame to cover it up by putting something in the center of it when using it as a mat! LOL

  4. Very nice! I love pumpkins and hope to make a pumpkin quilt someday. Who knows when that will be though! LOL

  5. Very sweet! I like the Rose of Sharon.

  6. You should get paid for stripping...HA! Love it!

  7. Always knew you were a stripper ..rotfl !!
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  8. OK, I definitely have to make that one. Way to cute.
    May have to borrow some of those strips.

  9. Now this one is "more" me!!!
    you have done a great job!!!
    Hugs, Di


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