Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Jack!

Meet Happy Jack!
He is really not all that scary.
Just have to decide what to do with him...stuff him, lay him, hang him or bag him!

He is also made with strips cut with the GO! Cutter 2 inch strip die.
Just like the Fall Blooms Runner yesterday!
By the way thanks so much for all your nice comments about the runner and my post!

Now back to Happy Jack.

Here is all his parts! Before assembly.

5- 2"x 10" strips pumpkin colors
4- 2" sqs back ground fabric mark diagnal sewing line on back with pencil
1- 2 " sq for stem
2- 2'x 3 1/2" back ground fabric
3- 2" sqs in black with heat n bond pressed on
Cut out nose and eyes as triangles.
1- 3"x 5" black fabric strip with heat n bond pressed on
draw the mouth and cut out
2- 2"x 7 3/4" strips back ground fabric
2-2"x 14 1/4" strips
2 buttons color of choice

Sew using 1/4 inch . Sew up the five 10" pumpkin body strips , trim, press.

Now add the 2 " sqs to each corner to make your pumpkin's curves, check to be sure they are angled right, sew on the pencil line, trim off extra. Press.

Next add the two 2"x3 1/5" strips to the 2" sq stem. Press.
Sew to top of pumpkin body.

Next sew one 2"x 7 3/4 strip to bottom and one to top. Press.
Now sew on the 2" x 14 1/4 " side strips.

Here I press it on to batting and add backing.
I quilted the pumpkin before I add the face using a variegated thread.

Now take the face parts and decide your design.
Press them down.
I used the button hole stitch in black.
You could do a zig zag or even do no heat n bond and just do the raw edge applique.
Add the buttons last.
If you make this as a trick or treat bag for a young child I would leave off the buttons!
Now you too are ready to decide his fate!!

If you have any questions just holler!!
Oh yeah if you make a Happy Jack..let me know!!!



  1. How cute is he. I think a bag would be nice.

  2. Oh I think he is precious! He looks like he has a lot of personality!

  3. He is very cute - thanks for the tutorial. I think I will try to whip one up before Halloween!

  4. Darling - I think you should bag him - I'm just in love with clever bags.


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