Thursday, October 28, 2010

So it is Friday...

Been a long week for me.
Been in a sort of funk round here.
Why? Well could be for any of a 100 reasons.
Sometimes it happens even to us 'perky people'...;-)

Been HOT here!!!
Had to put AC back on.
Now they say tomorrow's high will only be 56.
Up and down the temps go.
I do want to get out and about to take pics of our Fall colors before they are gone.
Been cloudy and raining along with the heat.

Did put a just a wee bit of Fall stuff on porch.

This is the wreath on the set of double windows.

Here is Mr. Scarecrow. Poor pitiful thing!
He needs to retire to scarecrow heaven.
I had planned on a new one.
Only got as far as to steal a pair of DH's old jeans on that project.
Next year!

I really need to get motivated to do some stuff.
Will just 'blog around' a bit see if I get inspired!!!


  1. Lola I love you old scarecrow! I hope you little funk blows away with the fall wind. :^)

  2. Hi Lola,
    We had a blizzard a couple of days ago and will be back up into the 50s in a couple of days. Weird weather! Changing of the seasons gets a lot of people I think. You'll soon be on another roll this is just breathing time!

  3. Lola you sound like I feel, we both need to perk up a little.
    Did you get out to take some Fall Photos??

  4. I hate when my perk goes kerplunk... hope yours returns soon! I like your poor tired scarecrow.

  5. I've been "blah" lately, too...but I know it's from having too much to do in too short a time. Our little group goes on retreat Monday and I'm still not even into "excitement" mode about that...hope that changes soon!

  6. I think your scarecrow is very cute. Old is more authentic!!!!
    The sun is shining today!!!

  7. I love Mr. Scarecrow, he's cute.....I hope you come out of your funk. I know how you feel sometimes.


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