Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A running finish & a book

A table runner finish that is!
Now did ya really think I was gonna run anywhere??
Waddle maybe.
Humm wonder if there is a Waddle 5 K anywhere!!! Hahaha!

I decided to put it on the dining table instead of the chest in living room.
Looks cute there and matches the candles!
Plus leaves room for setting the table with place mats and dishes.
Just in time as we will celebrate DIL's BD here Sunday.
If you recall I made her a Fall runner and some cute tea towels.
Will pick up a candle to go with those I think.
Hope to pick up a few small pumpkins, gourds and a few Indian Corn bundles
today for my tables and porch.
Not a good year for our local growers so may not be too many to be had at low prices.
Reckon may be a good year to just but the fake stuff on sale at Micheal's.

On to the next Season...;-)

When I was in Joann's a week ago I picked up this book with one of my coupons.
Tis the Season Quilts and Other Comforts by Jeanne Large and Shelly Wicks.
Some really fun cute things inside ! A couple look like they will work up fast.
You can make them as they show or add your own touch as well.
I do not do needle turn applique I use my machine.
May do some with wool using a hand applique button hole stitch.
I don't know if I will get that much done for this year but some things on the list for next year!

I have noticed Joann's is getting in more current books.
So remember you can use the one special 50% off any reg price item or one of the 40% of reg price item coupons on the books if they are not on sale!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!!


  1. The table runner looks perfect there - great colors.

    I have a couple christmas projects in mind - and need to get them out and finish them up.

  2. So pretty! Perfect for autumn and it does match the candles well. Love it!

  3. Gorgeous table runner! Enjoy your new book!

  4. A shop in Calgary has a feature display based around that book right now. They had several items made, including the quilt with stockings across the top. All the items were really nice; you won't be disappointed! Have fun!

  5. The runner looks great on the table.
    The book looks lovely. Won't be long and it will be Xmas. One bolg I looked at has counter already. 95 days to go. Scary

  6. Lookin' lovely as usual. Like your rooster wallpaper banner thingy in the background.
    The book looks fun too! It is rushing far too quickly to Christmas.

  7. You can use - one from your flyer, one printed off from your email; one from the in-store flyer; and a competitors coupon as well all in ONE transaction at Jo-Ann's. I know this because I used to be a Manager at two different Jo-Ann's. As long as they are different bar codes and current they can take them. Also if you take a competitors ad in with you; you can have the prices matched on the same item at Jo-Ann's. Just make sure you hand them your HIGHEST valued coupon FIRST so that it will come off the highest priced non-sale item. JFYI

  8. Great table runner! The candles look perfect for it. I go to Joann's so rarely that I forget all about checking their books. Glad to hear they are getting newer ones~ maybe I need a little trip. :-)

  9. Got a chuckle with regards to running...your runner delightful and thanks for that reminder about JoAnn's...we haven't one here but I do receive the coupons and try to stop in at one about an hour from here if we are that way.

  10. That runner looks perfect on your table!!! Good job. I'm sure your DIL will love what you amde

  11. very nice table runner. I need to get my fall items out.

  12. Your table runner looks beautiful on your table. I love your decorating, too.

  13. Love the table runner! Looks great on your table!
    I'll have to check out the books!

  14. Lovely table runner and the book looks yummy!!! Can't wait to see what you make from it :)

  15. I'm glad to hear that JoAnn's is finally getting some newer books. They have had the same ones in our store for such a long time.

  16. Hi Girlie!
    Thanks for stopping by today! I am like you...I am not a 'batiks' person either. That is why it was hard for me to even design kits out of it for my customers. But I have to say...I was in awe of this one.

    I love your house. It looks so inviting. Darling table runner. And to think you are reminding us that Christmas is almost here!!


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