Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh Goodness....

The witches were danc'n by the fire then PUFF!!
All that is left is their hats!!!

Sorry could not help myself.
I had lite this yummy Hazelnut Candle and set it in this bowl .
Came in to turn on lamp an it looked so neat had to take a pic.
Ya know how we bloggers are.. anything can make for a great pic opportunity!

Now on to some Fall Gatherings.
We went to Wally World on Tuesday.
In the produce department they had these bags of wonderful small pumpkins and gourds for 2.50 a bag!
Scooped up some for my old dough bowl.

This bowl came from my Aunt Alma's home.

Also at Wally World they had these faux pumpkins for 5 bucks!!!
So a couple came home with me.
At least these will last and not rot...;-)

Took my sweet Bernina in for a D&C Thursday!
I feel lost. Yes I do have other machines but she is my workhorse!!
Okay I know she has earned this trip to the spa so will deal.
Pulled out my small Quilter's Singer.
She is a sweetie too!
So back to work!!!


  1. I'm so in the fall mood, but here in Florida we'll have to wait a little longer. Your fall decorations are lovely.

  2. You are all ready for fall...too hot here to think of fall.

  3. Lovely Fall setting .
    Yes it is sad when our machines go for retreat. LOL

  4. I really REALLY need to hire you to do my decorating!!! LOL

  5. Oh I know what you mean about feeling lost without your sweet Bernina! I don't know what I will do without mine for three months while it is being shipped :( Hand sewing I guess...
    I tagged you by the way... hope you don't mind!

  6. and to top off all that, your GO is on it's way to your lovely decorated house....

  7. You look like you are ready for autumn. Pretty decorations.

  8. Almost bought those "faux" pumpkins at Wally World too. I am sure I will have to go back! It looks so purty. L,A-

  9. Your Go! will love your home...I do!

  10. Great minds do think alike!!! I got one of those long lasting squished pumpkins there this week. Got two but DD beat me out of one of them! Saw the bags of gourds as I was in line to check out...I'll get some next week. We're going over to College Farm (?think that's the name?) tomorrow with grandkids to the pumpkin patch. They're driving and we too so we'll have plenty of room to bring back a pile of them!

  11. Good Morning, what a delightful find your blog is warm and inviting..
    blessings msamm


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