Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good 'Quilting is Blissful Di' Mail Day..;-)

I received this fun package in the mail yesterday.
A lovely surprise!
This is from Di of Quilting is Blissful.
One of my hero's who seems to get more done in the sewing room then I can even imagine!
Check out her blog!
So inspiring our Miss Di is!
She hosted a Fall Challenge to help us get some things done.
What a sweet reward for working on our OWN projects!!
The panel fits right in with my Fall decor.
I am thinking of framing it instead of sewing it up...will see.

Next is a lovely Moda Santorini charm pack for guessing what she was shopping for on one of her posts! Cat supplies...;-)
Thanks so much Di for this sweet surprise.
Was a day brightener for sure.

Speaking of cats..here is our Miss Cocoa Kitty who had to get in the pic!
Well this IS her seat in the sewing room!
Have known her to PUSH things out of it so she can spread out!
Will soon be 12 yrs old and still can act like a kitten at times!
Cocoa is a mess but we love her.

Aunt Dot's appt went well yesterday!
She can go another 4 mths!
Now to address the new skin spots on Friday.
When they have to do so many places Uncle Ollie calls her 'Poky' Dot...;-)

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!!
I must do some chores today but hope I can sew a bit and cut some more 2" strips later!!
Take care all!!


  1. It sounds like it was a good day all around. Will keep Dot in my thoughts for Friday. I always hate that skin doc appt. myself.

  2. What fun stuff you got!! Oh, how I would love to join a challenge, but I don't even have time to LOOK in my sewing room.
    Cats do have a knack for being right where you want to be. God love 'em.

  3. Lovely Mail Lola. Yes Di's blog is a good read.
    Love the photo of your Kitty.
    Pleased Aunt Dots appt went well hope her spots are okay.

  4. I'm happy to hear that Aunt Dot's appt yesterday went so well. I love the things you got in the mail, too. Cocoa Kitty sure is giving us a STARE....LOL

  5. Oh, that panel is soooooooooooo lucious....it would be hard to quilt it up but I am sure you will do it justice.

  6. Wonderful day - got lots of stuff done - baked 4 loaves of bread, prepped some fresh corn for the freezer, made an apple pie and a lot of other house-worky stuff - I love it when the freezer is filling up and I can accomplish alot. No sewing yet today - but there is still time.

  7. What a sweet surprise. Surprises certainly can be day brighteners. Your kitty looks like a kitten I couldn't believe that she was an oldie (but goodie) like me.


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