Thursday, September 9, 2010

Falling Some and Mindless Sewing

Nooo... not 'falling' as in out of my chair!!
Doing the "Fall Decor Thing" a bit around the house is all.
I made the two veggie towels Monday to go beside the pretty cross stitch one.
My sweet niece made that one for me and I LOVE it!
No one dares really use it though! ;-)

Really must get on with my other Fall decor soon as well.
Love to enjoy it up as long as I can.
I do have a wee bit of Halloween mixed in but not a lot.

A sweet friend ALICE suggested I do some mindless sewing over the last week or so.
Was a good suggestion to let my mind and heart just thinking.

So some cutting was done.
Quite the small pile.
By hand mind you as I have not won a Go! Cutter yet! ;-(
Still waiting on a few results of some giveaways on that!

Some sewing of small squares to bigger squares.
Can't really get more mindless than that I reckon.
These will work up into a runner for my chest in living room.
These are the leftover Haunted Hallow fabrics I am using.

Also decided to do a banner for the fireplace.
So picked some fabrics and cut.

Do think it will be cute hanging from the mantle.
So more mindless sewing to do!

I want to make a few more cute tea towels too!
Will have to run out today for some supplies though.
Can you believe I have NO black rick rack left or black pom pom trim????
I do declare!!!
What is my sewing world coming too!!!


  1. Your fall sewing looks good. Love the wee flags you are going to hang from the mantle.
    Cutting by hand is good. I think there are just too many gadgets.
    Have fun with the mindless sewing. LOL

  2. Those tea towels are just adorable!!!!!

    Ya know, sometimes mindless sewing hits the spot. You'd be amazed at the burst of creativity you get when you don't "overthink" a project.

  3. well, what in the world, out of rick rack? i have some you can borrow, though i think the store is closer. ;)

  4. Love all the fall stuff! It is that time of year again! Although I'm working on a CHristmas quilt now that should have been done last year. Better late than never I always say! LOL

  5. Your towels are GREAT (the ones you made AND the one from your niece). I also like the idea of a banner on the fireplace..might have to do that sometime. What do you use for "cord" in your banner? Keep up the good FALL work, are doing a great job with it.

  6. LOVE the towels. I can't quite get my mind around the fact that it is time for fall decorating yet. I am still waiting for summer to arrive.

  7. Your tea towels are adorable!

  8. Well congrats Lola, it looks like you HAVE won a GO!

  9. Hee hee--that's not true anymore. Love the banner idea. You really have been busy--glad the mindlessness is helping. L,A-

  10. Fun post. I love your banners!



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