Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Blooms and Pink Mountains

The porch railing will soon be covered with the pretty clematis!
Doing so wonderful this year.
The shrubs too are so full and bright.
Been told it was helped by the wet Winter.
Humm ...well nice that something good came from all that mess!
We had a lovely soft Spring rain yesterday.
We needed it. Was dry but also to settle down some of the pollen.
Hope to plant the two Knockout Roses Saturday.
Easier digging with damp soil!

I have strawberries!!!
Yes I counted eight!
Now if I pick them regularly should have them all summer.
What I was told at the green house when I bought them.
We shall see.

They are in this large pot by the door.
They get morning sun and shade from late afternoon heat.

Say hello to My Pink Spring Mountains!
Yes this is the next PAP (put aside project) pulled from the pile to be finished.
It will not be a full/queen as intended though.
Making it somewhere between a twin and a lap.
I am calling this my 'reading quilt'.
Yes.. all my quilts receive a job title!
Just the way we do it around here.;-)


  1. Love the pink quilt! Good for you getting it done, even if it is at a smaller size! Love your clematis too! :0)

  2. It is nice to read there are some benefits from the winter months. The clematis is gorgeous.

    Your quilt is lovely.

  3. Your flowers look great. Oh and some strwberries too. How nice.

    It was raining here today so in between showers managed to plant my bulbs so I am hoping for a lovely show of flowers in Spring.

    Good on you for getting your pink quilt done. I must remember that a "Reading Quilt" good one Lola

  4. So many good things in this post, Lola. The Spring rain, the flowers, the strawberries (yum) and that beautiful pink quilt. I'm sure it will take it's lap duties seriously and bring you much sit-and-read pleasure.

  5. Oh strawberries! I really need to plant some!
    Love your reading quilt, I love the pinks, so pretty and feminine!

  6. My strawberries are on their second year of "living" here, so they better be productive or they are HISTORY!!! Love your quilt!!!

  7. Very pretty reading quilt! Everything is greening up so pretty there. Hope you do get strawberries all summer, that would be nice.

  8. I love the idea of a "purpose" name for each quilt!!! and pink and white are my favorite colors--so if this one does not work out for a reading quilt--you can just send it my way!!!!
    Hugs, Di

  9. I love home grown strawberries but don't let the birds get them first. Pink Mountains is a very pretty quilt. Why is it called a readin quilt? Ann :-)

  10. Ooooh, strawberries. I'm so jealous. We haven't been able to plant much yet because we are still getting freezing temperatures at night.

    Your pink quilt is pretty.

  11. The pink quilt is lovely. I hope you enjoy your strawberries :-)

  12. yummy to the pink mountains


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