Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Warm Day

Today is supposed to be very warm like 92 plus!!
Not very Spring temps more summer like.
Had a storm go around us early this AM.
Just had some lightening.
We are to go back to Spring like temps by end of week.
Thanks everyone for your nice comments on my Easter Day pics!
I love short hair!!
Need to get a pic in the sunshine so you can see that it is really not all that dark!.
Have my 'Mother Nature Highlights'! Ha! Ha! Ha!
That is something I do not worry over is white/gray hair.
Figure that is the least of my concerns at this point!;-)

I did go get my first once a year treatment of Reclast yesterday.
We went with this instead of the Boniva injections.
Can not take the pills because of my other issues.
Oh my woe is me and all my issues... Ha!Ha!Ha!
Any way went like a charm!!
So one med thing down one more to go!!

I went by a quilt shop near the medical center.
She is in process of moving in and moving around.
Made it larger for classes.
I hope she will get in more 'newish' fabrics soon.
I did buy an Art To Heart Book , Sew Necessary.

Some small gifts I wish to make in this one.
Couple yards of a pretty Christmas fabric on sale, and a half yard of another that can be used in non holiday projects too.

Then I popped into a thrift found these books!

Fun Irish Murder Mysteries!
So all set for some fast fun reading!!


Now I would like to ask each of you reading to say a prayer or send your warm thoughts out to the miners , their families and the community involved in this terrible WVA tragedy!
Mining is a dangerous business but for most this is the only way to make a living.
We may agree or not on the issues but these miners help us each in one way or another...when you flip that light switch chances are it was coal that made it possible.
West Virginia is a beautiful state with warm and loving people.
My heart breaks for those close to this tragedy.


  1. That is truly a sad situation in West Virginia. A terrible job and such terrible risks. We had an explosion in an oil refinery just last week that killed 5. I'm joining you with my prayers for all of them.

  2. I know haow hard mining can be as my husband worked underground for nearly 30 years.My thoughts and prayers go to all miners.

  3. My husband's family is from West Virginia....and my heart just goes out to them.....

  4. My prayers are with the men and their families, what a terrible tragedy. About 30 years ago, we had a tunnel explosion here trapping and killing so many miners. It's such a dangerous job.
    Love the fabrics you bought, and my prayers go with you also!

  5. Yes...how easy it is to forget the blue collar workers who do jobs that are SO important to us...and many of those jobs carry great risk. I feel very badly for the families involved in this latest tragedy.

  6. So sorry for all the miners and their families! I have some relatives that were miners!

    My heart goes to them!

  7. One can only hope that they have reached the safety area. We had a similar event in Tasmania and two of the three men were found after a very long time underground safe and well. Ann.

  8. I love Andrew Greeley novals. I think Cardinal Sins was the first one I read and was hooked. I think that was around the Thornbird era. I'm dating myself! LOL

    My continued prayers are with the miners and their families. Such a tragic loss.

  9. Thought and prayers for the miners we take too many of our comforts for granted with out giving a thought about how we get them. Hope some of them come out safe and sound.

  10. My heart also breaks for the families of the miners as they await the news on their loved ones. It is such a shame.

  11. Indeed prayers have been sent...so sad.

  12. prayers to the miners and their families. ya look great in short hair! one more day of pollen and we will get relief, my eyes look like someone punched me....grrrrr

  13. My prayers have been sent...It is a terrible situation!
    I love to read too,and love your choices of books!


Luv hear'in from ya!!