Monday, April 5, 2010


Is looking like another pretty day coming here!
Yesterday Easter Sunday, was beautiful here!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!
We sure enjoyed ours!

This is my Easter Egg.
Peanut Butter YUMM!

We went to our son and wife's home for DH's BD and Easter lunch.
Had a great time!

Here I am with the sweeties!
I have a new short it!

Here we are with Baby Boy!
They have a cute 1930's updated cottage .
The deck is all across the back. They had stained it yesterday.
Looks really good.

Can't forget grand pup , Beamer!
He too had a grand time! He is just a big spoiled sweet cute mess!!

I am off today for some appts.
So not much on the home front will get done.
I bought some plants over weekend I do have to pot.
Also we are moving some plants and creating a new bed.
Then NEED to get to the Spring cleaning.
I am also pulling and packing things up for a yard sale next month.
Doing it in town with niece.
So may not get as much sewing done!
I will try to spend at least a few here and there on my on going projects!
With our weather so nice(for now) really hope to be doing some outside things.
I have some sanding to do on that dresser so can paint and get it moved into the sewing room.
Busy Busy that is what Spring is around here!
Catch ya'll later!!!!


  1. YOu have a lovely family, glad you had a wonderful Easter.

  2. You're new do is perfect, I really like it Lois, You have a beautiful family including Beamer!

  3. Busy, busy is right!!! It sounds like it was a great weekend.

  4. Beautiful family pictures. You sound like a very busy girl! Enjoy your week!

  5. What a lovely family. Love your new DO.

    Your sure will be busy with yur plantings.

  6. Hi Lola,
    Glad you had a good time. Your Easter egg looks delicious! That doggie looks very happy and spunky. Sounds like you have a busy spring ahead of you, I am glad the weather is nice. Try not to overdo if you are not completely recovered, maybe take it just a bit slower!

  7. Really like your new do! My hair has gotten so long and I've never had it long in my entire life. I am in such need of a haircut!

    Easter Egg looks yummy!

    Robyn and I went to Nancy's Friday afternoon. Lil' Laura (4) went with us. She picked out several fat eighths. I gave her money to go purchase them. Normally she'll give Mommy some and me some...but this time she said they were hers that she was going to sew! And I want you to know she did!!! She got on Robyn's machine and sewed with them. Robyn said she was shocked that she actually did good with her 'sewing'. Did that make Nana's Day or what?!?! Going to have to get that child a container for storing her stash!

    Family all here to eat yesterday except M-I-L as she in nursing home for a while...we're all wondering is it a while or is it forever. Anyways after eating the grandkids were outside riding bikes, skateboarding, etc. and Laura feel from her little bike. She cried a minute got back on and continued riding. After everyone went home she took nap, did some crafting, and then going down into garage she brushed her arm on the stair railing and screamed and screamed. Urgent Care they went for x-rays and she has a fracture. Went today to orthopedic surgeon and has a cute hot pink cast for three weeks. To her it's the latest fashion accessory LOL

  8. Glad you had an enjoyable day with your husband, son and daughter-in-law. Great pictures of all of you. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful day, isn't spring great for getting all those projects done. I just love ther first few days of spring, just to be outside and enjoying the sunny days.

  10. LOVE your haircut. I also do not worry about grey hair.......can't be bothered keeping up with the coloring that would be required to keep the grey away!!! Looks like you had a nice day.......wonderful!!!


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