Thursday, April 1, 2010 I can show it!!

Okay here is what was on the cutting/work table in my sewing room pics!
Some had asked what was on it.
Made for my niece for her birthday but was late because of illness...on my part!
It is a tea runner with some extras!
These shapes are by Pat Sloan...I tweaked them just a wee bit to work for my idea.
They were part of her Mad Hatter's Tea themed sew- in a while back.
You can go check it out here.

D loves fall colors and anything pumpkin so it is all good!!

I made the tea bag tags , 3 D sort of, hangs loose from a string!!
I added the saucer and the pretty trim which is a stitch on my machine.

Here is the tea pot...cute!!!

I made these pot holders same as my round ones , check the TUT here.
Just did square instead but done same way!

Made a couple tea towels to match.

Here is the tea cozy and four pretty tea napkins also.
Took to her today and I think she liked it all!!!
We had a nice lunch too!

Now on to more better late then never items!
Hope to get a lot done this coming week!!

Beautiful day here!!!
I am in a sleeveless dress and sandals!!!
Came home and changed out of the jeans and cotton sweater!
Went out today to buy my sweetie DH some birthday gifts and cards too.
We plan to go out tomorrow or Friday to look at some garden plants and flowers!

Hope every one is having a grand day and planning a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. What a cute runner! I collect mini teasets, and look for ways to incorporate my love of these items into quilting. This is a cool idea!

  2. What a wonderful set you made your niece for her gift. I'm sure she will think happily of you each time she uses it. Spent today with DH running around to doctors....he woke up with burning in the groin...I suspected it was an inguinal hernia and I was right...CT scan on Monday but no surgeon available for an appt until April 16....GEEZ.....hope they get a cancel and he can get in sooner. Then it will be surgery...probably to coincide with the lousy 3-day vacation we have planned in mid-May. *sigh*

  3. Love it! I drew my sisters name for Christmas, and she's so hard to buy for. Loves tea, so this gives me some great ideas! What a beautiful job on everything! In shorts here also, am loving it!!!

  4. such a precious gift! the colors you chose are so pretty! glad you're enjoying the nice temps, we're warming up here too!

  5. very pretty! i love the colors! I am so glad you are feeling much better!

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Your niece is most fortunate. What a lovely set! I like the shape of those teacup appliques. Delighted to read that you are having some warm weather - at last! Have a great weekend, Ann :-)

  7. How adorable!! Glad you were able to reveal the secret.

  8. They all look fabulous and I am sure your niece will love them all :)

  9. Love them all, especially the teapot runner!!! I am spoiled rotten... Thanks so much Auntie Lola!!!!


  10. I knew I recognized those tea cups. I was going to participate in that challenge and even got the cups and handles cut out ~ but I somehow got the size wrong and never finished ~ I really need to do something with them. Maybe tea mats. Thanks for the reminder.
    Your gifts turned out beautifully!

  11. WOW these are so gorgeous! What a great gift. So glad that you are doing so much better and getting back into the swing of things :-)

  12. Love how you used those fabrics,, she will love it..

  13. Love your runner and gift set...totally love them...I may have to copy some of them...(is that wrong)....find the pattern I should say,

  14. Wow, Miss L, D is a LUCKY girl! That tea runner and accessories are to die for! You're so talented!


Luv hear'in from ya!!