Monday, April 19, 2010

A Finish and a Half...

The finish is the Recliner Quilt.
All quilted,washed and ready to snuggle.

The half is this top I finished.
It is last year's blocks from Linda B's Birthday Siggie Block Swap!
So all that is left to do is layer and quilt.
Now I am not sure when that will happen but I am happy it is a finished top for now.
I also have the binding ready to go as well!

I have some other swap blocks that I will sew up in some fashion next!
I am trying to weed through my Put Aside Projects ( PAP's) to at least get them another step on the journey to FINISHED!

Hope everyone is enjoying some of this beautiful weather.
Even though I can't stay out long.
Soon the pollen will pass and all will be well again!!


  1. Your recliner quilt looks very comfy and masculine, I'll bet your DH will enjoy his naps or if he's like mine, resting his eyes.

  2. Oh I love finishes - not that I've had much experience with them lately ahem. Your recliner quilt looks great, all flapping in the wind!

    We're having nice weather too. It went from semi-winter to almost-summer in a few days. We need rain though. Really badly.

  3. i really like your recliner quilt. It's nice to finish up things isn't it?

  4. Your recliner quilt is perfect. Love your signature blocks too.

    We've had some gorgeous weather the last couple of days but it's supposed to turn to rain by tomorrow.

  5. Your quilts are so pretty Lola, can relate on the PAP'S!!Too many to finish, need the time to do them,

  6. Wow, Lola, I didn't even recognize the siggie blocks until you said what it was from!! Your sashing really pulled all those brights.
    Way to go! I'm trying to work on those projects piled on the top of my bookshelf. Not getting very far.

  7. I love your recliner quilt. It looks like a perfect size to make for my husband and his recliner.

  8. Wow congrats on the finish! It's a stunning quilt!

    Happy sewing!

  9. Well done! Love your recliner quilt.
    Yes it makes you feel good when you get a long awaited project done. Don't leave it too long to quilt though.

  10. The recliner turned out just perfect. Wonderful, restful colors. Good for snoozing!

  11. Your recliner quilt turned out just beautiful...I love it!

    I'm another one who is hoping for lower pollen counts. I love the warm weather, but not the allergies that come with it!

  12. I love your recliner quilt...the pattern and the clean lines. Stunning!

  13. Terrific quilts Lola! It's a great feeling to finish up outstanding projects. We are having superb weather here in Sydney! Cheers, Ann :-)

  14. Your recliner quilt is just lovely!
    Great job!


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