Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday already...

Goodness.. it seems like it was just Monday! ;-)
Where do the days go???
We have had one heck of a week with pollen blowing around here.
I am so happy we had some rain come through over night.
Suppose to knock it down some.
Just can not function with the pollen at such high levels.
We are cooling off as well with the cold front coming through.
More seasonal temps Spring instead of Summer!
Yeah baby!
Did not get all my To Do List done so hope to do more on weekend.
Did find out I can not move some peonies now I have been needing/wanting to move.
Once again they must wait... a Fall move is best.
Figure we will just get the bed ready now.

Got DH's nap quilt top done.
It really is straight!
I pinned it over the window treatment so looks rippled!
Found this nice Woolrich Home flannel twin sheet set at Targets a while back for 6 Bucks!
So decided to use the fitted sheet as the backing on this one. So soft! Colors match too.

I just cut around the elastic and trimmed out the seams.
Left me with a right good size piece of yardage!
Will use the flat sheet and pillow case for other projects.
Want to layer the quilt later today.

DH is planning on smoking meat Saturday so lower temps will work good for him.
He will load the smoker up with lots of pork butts.
After the long cooking process he will chop the meat.
We then will bag some up to freeze and share some.
He also mixes up his 'secret' BBQ Sauce so we can have some BBQ Sammies for all our hard messy work!
Oh yes it is messy from the smoke smell to the chopping mess.
I am so lucky as I get to wash all up! ;-)
Oh well small price to pay I reckon for such yummyness!!!

I know some have snow !!I am so sorry. I hope it is the last for a long while!! Our last frost date is April 15th! I do hope we pass that date with NONE! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


  1. LOVE the nap quilt!!! Great idea to use that flannel sheet for the backing, too. Did you also use batting along with the flannel. We had rain during the night, too...and will not get higher than the lower 60's today...sun after lunchtime. My black car was yellow-green yesterday from pollen...YUCK!!!

  2. Love the quilt. I never thought to use a flannel sheet for backing. I will have to check our Target, but they are all probably gone by now :-( We have rain this morning, and yes it does help to reduce the pollen. Have a great day!

  3. Pretty nap quilt. I am sure it will be appreciated.

    That pork is really sounding delicious. Yep, that is quite the cleanup.

  4. The quilt for DH turned out great. I've been using old sheets to back quilts, too. And blankets to use as batting!
    Yummeeeee, love smoked meat.

  5. The quilt is beautiful! And the barbecue has my mouth watering. If I were close, I'd be there in person! enjoy!

  6. Lots going on in Lolaland! The quilt is lovely and the backing is just perfect.

    We got snow yesterday, so no gardening (or anything else outdoorsy) for us for a while. The wind is blowing and the temps are cold. brrr... a good weekend to stay inside and do some sewing!

    Have a good weekend!

  7. Fantastc quilt! I really like that pattern. Smoked pork butts sound delish, especially with bbq sauce, etc. I do so like peonies they are such beautiful blooms. They remind me of ballgowns. Have a terrific weekend! Ann :-)

  8. I wanna come over for dinner!!! That meat sounds awesome!

  9. Hi Lola,
    That pollen gets to me as well. No pollen up here, nothing blooming yet! The quilt top turned out really nice and the flannel backing sounds so comfy!


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