Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Well yes I am still here... alive and hope well past all the mess that attacked my body!!
I still feel like I need to keep an eye out for all the germs lurking out there looking to attack me AGAIN!
I will not win any speed contests but I am doing more each day.
Thanks for all the kind get well wishes! Nice to be remembered. Hugs ♥ to each of you!

Easter is almost here which is also my DH's birthday !!
We will be celebrating both with our son and his wife at their home in Portsmouth.
We are to have BEAUTIFUL weather for the weekend!
Really starting tomorrow, talking temps in the high 70's and maybe 80's inland!
Just hope the wind will settle down some.

I am going out today to pick some tulips that are blooming!
I have hyacinths and still jonquils.
Try to keep some in the house.
Love fresh flowers sitting all around.
Also the bushes are all bloomed out well not the azaleas, they come on later.
DH did till up his small garden plot and planted some spinach and radishes in his little raised bed. So he is in Spring mode for sure!;-)

I felt like sewing some so trying to finish up some gifts I had started back before I was sick first round! Will share them after they are given.

I promised some pics of my sewing room..still in progress.
Here it is after I had cleaned up from a messy project....humm well really most of mine are messy! Ha!! Ha!!
This is looking in from the door.
As I said before not a huge room but hey it is ALL MINE!!!
Shhhh shhhuuu.. now don't say anything about the dust bunnies you may see...they get upset when they hear talk of dusting!

First my room is a 'working' room...not just to look pretty.
What I call working pretty..like me! Ha snort Ha snort Ha!!!!
My window treatments are old vintage lace table clothes.
I have them clipped on a spring tension rod inside the window trim.
Used some Pottery Barn ribbon I had saved to pull them up to swag them.

These have some worn spots/holes but you don't see them .
They just add whimsy character to my room I think.
Lets light in too without me being exposed (gasp) to every one coming up the road!
Sure hope to finish painting the other pieces to go in here with this pretty weather coming up.

Last is my trusty assistant or the INSPECTOR!
Miss Cocoa Kitty!
She likes to snuggle behind me or jump up to inspect what I am sewing!
Silly cutie girl....;-)

More later..I hope!
I am out today to the post office!
Wishing every one a wonderful day!!!


  1. Glad you're starting to feel better! My daffodils are just in bud and my tulips are behind them. Spring will get here...eventually! LOL

  2. I'm so glad that you are finally starting to feel better!

    I love the lace curtains...what a great idea!

  3. Nice to read you are well again.

    I am just preparing my new garden beds so I can plant my bulbs for a lovely flowery show in Spring.

    I just love tulips (as I was born in The Netherlands) Now live down under.

  4. So glad to hear you're feeling better. Your sewing room is very homey and cheerful. I tried to see what was on your work table, but can't quite make it out.

  5. You're planting a garden? We're waiting for the rest of the snow to melt (and praying there will be no more).

    Good to hear you're on the mend. The Spring weather must be helping with that xo

  6. So very happy to see that you are back! I've been missing you. Glad that you feel good enough for an outing. Enjoy your day!

  7. I'm glad you are back and well enough to post again. I just LOVE your sewing room. My sewing room is smaller than that AND has a bed in it (for the grandkids) so I can't fit a cutting table in mine and have to walk out to the kitchen island anytime I need to cut something. That is a pain, but......not much I can do about it. Guess what? MY DH's b'day is also April 4!!!

  8. I'm so glad you're feeling better! It's been a long haul. Your sewing room reminds me of mine, small but very functional. Love the curtain idea! Can't wait for some more pictures of your projects!

  9. glad to hear you're on the mend. It's been sickville around here too. I'm getting over the bug thingy.

  10. Delighted to read that you are feeling much better. Those spring blooms will lift your spirits. Your sewing space is lovely especially with Miss Cocoa for decoration and support. Ann :-)

  11. So glad you are feeling better, lucky you to have flowers to pick.
    Here we are just beginning to see bits of greeen popping up. Oh how I long for the flowers. Love your sewing room, it looks very inviting. I have two feline inspectors myself, when I run my longarm, Mr. Duncan likes to sit on the chair behind me and stand on his hind legs and watch what I'm doing over my shoulder.

  12. So glad you are back and feeling better--missed you!!!
    Wished my tulips were out--been too cold here--but we are suppose to get this 70 temps too so will see!!!
    And I promise not to tell the "dust bunnies" about the pictures--it makes a nice "accent" for them!!!
    Hugs, Di

  13. Sew glad you are back and feeling better. Your room is precious.. Thanks for sharing..

  14. I am so glad you are feeling better! Your sewing room is perfect for spending hours in. I really like how you used the lace tablecloths for window treatments, turned out very pretty. Sounds like you will have fun this weekend. Happy Easter!

  15. Glad that you are feeling better! Your sewing room is so pretty!


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