Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Day!

Voting day is finally here!!
Yes even at our small country precinct there was a line!
Exciting! Everyone was really feeling up and chatting despite the rain!
We got there at 5:40 AM so we were like 3rd in line.
I was 5th to vote at the touch machine.
Already having troubles with voting machines.
The paper feeder one was not working.
Busiest times are the morning with voters going before work and then the evening ones after work, normally.
I am thinking this year it may be different.
We only have maybe 400 registered voters in our precinct, so should not be too bad.

Extra treat here is if you go to Krispy Kreme and show your I Voted Sticker you get a free donut!
Starbucks is also doing a giveaway of a small coffee I think they said.
I am off to pick up my new glasses later so may try for that donut! Ha!!!
Go Vote!! We are so blessed here in this country to have the freedom to do it!!
I always go in memory of my Grandmothers who fought so hard for me to have the right as a gal to do it!!
Today is also a history making dayin American in this election for President!!!!
Oh how far we have come!! So exciting !!

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