Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sweet Cabin Dreams

Here is a pic of a cabin I have always HEARTED!!!!
Is it not adorable???!!
This was built at least 20/25 yrs ago.

The Log Cabin craze was beginning here back then.
I would love to put this on our other property !!
All tucked back in the trees!!!
Fill it up with my antiques and quilts!!
Oh well we all can dream!!!!!

Maybe I need to play Lotto so I have enough cash for all my dreams! Ha!!!
Cabin, cottage, new RVwith $$ to travel to a lot of the wonderful big quilt shows to see and shop, sewing studio large enough for pals , machines and loads of fabby, maid service at least 3X a week, on & on & on......dreammmmnmm!

Want a report with photos on the big Houston International Quilt Fest Show??
Well checkout Pat Sloan's blog for this and some of what she was up too.
Checkout her pals links as well.
Seems all had a good time.
I would be on that great new fabby smell over load!!!!!
My CC would be smelling smoke from over use!!! Ha!!!



    Hi Lola! I read with interest your cabin post. My brother, over the past 5 years built a cabin on his property in the forest. He did this from scratch, cutting the trees to debarking and construction, the old fashioned way. I gave you the link if you would like to look at his finished project. I've slept in it and it's so peaceful, and being in the middle of the forest, very quiet (except for the wolves howling)and very dark! No electricity, it's lit with kerosene lamps and candles. It's so beautiful. The furnishings, aside from the bed which he built himself, are antiques to the 1800's era. Thought you might want to look at it.

  2. A dream of a log cabin! I totally agree with you, that would be so lovely to live in!


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