Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cotton Picking!!

Well here is a couple pics as promised of the cotton picking.
They use this huge machine to suck up the bolls then it lifts up and dumps into this big wagon.
After that it goes into this huge pressing machine and out comes these huge bales!!A truck comes and loads a big bale up off then off to the gin!Was getting dark before they finished picking so one pic is a tad darker! I also missed the truck as it came on Sunday.
Had huge tractor pulled mowers come behind the pickers cutting all the stalks , then planted no till winter wheat. So when that is up will share that too.
They are picking soy beans too at other end of farm now.
That is awful messy and dusty! I tend to stay away!!! Haa!
We never clean outside of windows till all the picking and planting is done!
This used to be one of the best peanut farms around but not many of those grown in this area of Virginia anymore. We have only 2 small farms in this area that grow any now.
We go to the buying /drying station to buy 50# bag every year to use in our holiday preps.
Sure miss going out into the field and picking them up after they were dug!
LOVED that fresh smell and raw taste!
Awwwhh the memories.

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  1. That is so awesome! I love to see the farmers picking beans and corn this time of year. I have never seen cotton picking though. That would be one thing I miss about not having a grain farm.


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