Monday, November 10, 2008

One of my Favorite Things....

Bet you thought I was going to break out in song didn't ya. NOT!
One of my favorite things….is my vintage wooden ironing board!!!
Yes it is bulky and unyielding…but this can be a good thing a times!

Yes I have another newer one..'70s model but love this old one!
Well it was time for a new cover. The reg cheap ones fit it nicely!
I decided a long time ago it was nice to make ones that look all pretty and match in your sewing room BUT…they all end up needing replacing soon enough. I use my iron a lot on high steam heat!
My Mama used a sheet and these special spring clamps…yes I have them (hidden) here somewhere!!!
Anyway I just pop over to a store, be it big box or the dollar variety and pick one up when needed. Yes I also do other stuff on it like draw , write, and forget to put pressing sheet down when doing fusible stuff. Wash them up you say…;-) Well by the time I keep sayin I need to do this the foam has got to the ‘brittle ‘ point and will make a mess in the machine.

Besides putting on a new fresh crisp board cover is one of those neat things I do so enjoy!!
Sort of like opening a new magazine or pack of paper.

Well we had thought we would be going by a super store Sat on way home but not to be.
Had my left over Stone Cold Ice Cream Birthday Cake so had to hurry on home..;-)

I was chatting to my Sis-in- Law later on the phone and she says .."don’t buy one I got one, brand new…did not fit my board, you can have it.
We figured hers is a more modern board 1960s so could be why, so should work for mine as mine is older." Kewel Beans!

Well let me tell ya this a Cadillac of covers…. nice cotton batting, no foam here and designer label, Liz Claiborne …sort of feel like I should be wearing it. Ha!!
I tried first and decided was too small , factory fluke maybe. Boo Hoo!
Took all D Hubs had to get it on!! HA! I will say, this is one tight fitting cover!!
Who knows the why and how of this cover just thanks to Sis-in-Law I have a new cover, she got some delish Gumbo, apple dessert and fresh sweet taters as payment !!
Now I am ready to press my Hero some shirts!!
Okay my wacky weirdness over for the day…;-)

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  1. I miss my old wooden ironing board, and the LARGE top that ex made to press my material and quilt tops..........
    Hey I tagged you....go over to my blog, if you like, to see the's actually rather fun to do.


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