Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We are cold! Wind blowing a gale out of the north!!
At least we did not see any of that snow that was NW of us.
Them thar good ol’ mountains keep a lot of stuff away! ;-)
Now the weather folks did say there may be a stray flake or two out late.
I was not out late so did not see any.;-)

Did bring in the punkins as did not want them to freeze.
Roasting them babies up right now.
House smells so yummy!!

I also made the outside cat a nice bed next to the carport fridge, older model and puts out some warmth.
This kind of cold should not last here. We have more warm temps for Thanksgiving than not.
Our true long lasting winter normally sets in after Christmas through Feb.
Farmer’s Almanac does say we are to have more snow….humm will see, after all we did not get all the hurricanes we were to get in ’08!! Not that I am complaining!!

Back to work here. More Fall stuff to put away then clean behind to put up Christmas!!
I did get my sewing area into somewhat working order…until the next messy projects! Ha!!

Wow we are looking at maybe just a month to work on stuff.. Get to work Elves!!!!
Keep it simple and maybe edible…;-)!!!
Thinking about some projects check out Martha’s Gift Work Shop.

Speaking of pumpkins. Want to share a pic of the table setting sweet niece Diana used when we were over for the 'Annual' Soup Sunday Served from BIG PUMPKIN!!
We have little pumpkins now to eat from!!!! Feels like we are eating at Sandra Lee's or Martha's home!!! Such fun!!!


  1. Its cold here too, and I am not even thinking about how little time is left before Christmas. Guess I better get my bottom in gear and get this house clean!

  2. It is blowing and cold here too across the River. Thanks for the link to Farmer's Almanac. I've never seen that link before. Used to buy the book all the time. Didn't this year or last year.

    More than ready for some snow. Just need to finish some shopping first. Been stocking up for Thanksgiving and Christmas baking and cooking.

    I can smell your pumpkins over here! YUMMY.
    I never do mine I take them over Friday after Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving evening and put them on my neighbor's steps/porch. She will call and thank the pumpkin fairy. She cooks and freezes them in one cup portions or whatever size she uses in her pumpkin bread that is so YUMMY. She gives some of us a loaf for Thanksgiving. All the neighbors one for Christmas, me and one across the street from me next door to her a loaf from time to time as she gives her pumpkins too. Birth of new baby, illness, death, holiday, new neighbor, one moving, whatever she brings a loaf over to the neighbor.


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