Friday, November 7, 2008

BIrthday Needle Roll Gift

Oh my take a look at my newest Needle Roll!!

The one in the middle, Merry Christmas in dark reds!!
I do have a collection for sure now!!
This was my special BD gift from Diana, our niece!!!
Thanks Sweets!!!! She has made each one!
She is quite the talented cross stitcher !!
Eat your heart out Shirl!! Haaaaa!!

I hope to have a basket full one day….humm still have to go look for a basket!
Will show you more of her work when I am done with my part on her projects…sewing! ;-)
I am Auntie Slacker these days it seems along with Granny Slacker, Mom Slacker!!! UGH!

My gifts to me were of course fabrics !!
Like I really need more! Ha!!
Here are my newest purchases. All Christmas themed.
The dark red toile is darling with Santa, a cute Kitty Cat and a pup here or there!!
Well now reckon I need to get busy sewing now for sure!!!
I am seriously considering starting our Christmas decorating this Sunday!
We will not be hosting anymore Fall Gatherings here, so why not!
Will put me in the mood better too..tree twinkling in the background.
Yepper think I am convincing myself now to convince Hubs! Ha!!
Keep those Birthday Memories coming to the Giveaway post!!
So delightful to read!!!!
Remember though you must have a way for me to contact you, blog or email!!!

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