Monday, October 13, 2014

Customer Service Shout Out

Sometimes you really have to give a shout out to a company that thinks highly of those that use their product! I am a long time user of Fairfield's Fusi Boo Batting. Love the stuff!
I always buy it at Hancock's Fabrics, on sale or with a coupon.
Never had an issue till a couple months ago. 
Last one I bought  used it on a baby quilt and it did not want to adhere well.
No idea why, as I said never have I had a problem before even double layering it.
So I sent an email to the company explaining my problem an asking if it has a shelf life limit.
I received  a very quick response!
No, there should be no age related problem with the glue in the batting and they apologized for my having an issue.  Asked for my address to replace the batting.
I was amazed when this big box arrived with four battings!

I highly recommend this product and the Fairfield Company!
Thank you Fairfield for your great customer service!
Not all companies stand behind their products as well.


  1. I've had good luck with Fusi Boo, but I'm more thrilled to know that Fairfield stood by their product and worked to make it right with you. Sad that you had problems, but hopefully it is a bizarre glitch in the manufacturing process. Still, I'm impressed that they truly stood behind their products.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Not one but four!? Awesome Lola, I've never used that type before. Is it easy to sew through and does it make your needles sticky?


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