Monday, October 20, 2014


Last week and this weekend have been busy with fun family events and others things.
So behind on the home front. Well back to reality today. Must do some cleaning and home chores.
All this must be done so I can begin some gift sewing projects!
I always make this huge to do list, in my mind, but never do reach the end of the list!
Hahahaha! I think we all tend to think we can get more done leading up to Christmas than is humanly possible!

So maybe three lists:
1.Want To Do
2.Can Do
3.Will Do

Do so love to make lists and draw line though the done items!
Seems to give me incentive to push on!
One rule I have is to not verbally promise things on my list to anyone or even tell folks my plans to do this or that.
So no one will know if I did not get something done!
Course must say sometimes I do surprise myself at what I can accomplish when trying hard.
Always chide myself and say ..see if you tried this hard all year goodness knows what you could get done! hahaha!

We are in full Fall mode here.  Down right cold this early AM at 34F.
Love the cooler days though. Makes our home feel all cozy and warm. 
Trees are beginning to turn pretty colors. Soybean fields all golden.
Cotton fields becoming white as snow.
Soon we will be prepping for our Thanksgiving!
Love Fall and enjoy using my Fall decorating items.
No new Fall runners or quilts made this year.
Have several projects in progress on my list for Winter sewing(fav time to sew) for next Fall.
This Jack runner was made many moons ago. They are easy and fun for Halloween.
Simple fabric banner made simply with pinking sheers and bias tape.
Love this pumpkin mini quilt I made using strips call it Pumpkin Blossoms.
 One of my favorite quilt as you go strip runners done up in Fall colors with flowers. Fall Blooms.
The wool penny rug on wall was a Pat Sloan design from a long time back.  I have Fall things tucked here and there all around the front part of the house. Will stay up till time to do the Christmas trees!

So best get up and to it I reckon. Get this day moving along!!!
Thanks for stopping by to visit!
Take care and enjoy your Monday!


  1. I love your Jack runner! And the one with the strips too. I think I need to start collecting some orange fat quarters! :0)

  2. Happy Monday to you too!!! I just had to wipe off the heaters and turn them on!! First time this fall--
    I hate to have the heat on--and not because of the expense--but--I hate being chilly worse!!!
    Have fun with the 'to make' list!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  3. Your Jack runner sure caught my eye. It's so cute. I hear much to do and I know darn well my client quilts come first!

  4. I enjoyed seeing your pumpkin projects. How do you hang the wool piece that you made? I see that all the tongues seem to be staying in place and wonder if they just do that or you have something making them stick.


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