Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Amherst Virginia Antique Shops

Do not allow this small looking facade  fool ya! This place went on forever! Seemed like a whole block! Truth be told was too over whelming! After a bit it all looked the same! This place is filled to the brim. Two floors full.
 Just about anything you maybe on the look out for was here. Love me some dishes too!
 Looking down one of many walk ways!
There were quilts and pretty bed spreads.  Loved that lamp there as well.
This was one of the front windows. Was a small sewing machine in here but they wanted to much for it in it's poor condition. Even with 20% off when I ask if could do better. Besides DH would have been asking WHAT???!!@@##$ I have two to take to machine fella as it is!
More quilts. This was a cute applique small quilt.
A true scrappy crumb sew it all up to use quilt!
My niece the cross stitcher saw this one. Was pretty done up in greens on muslin with solid green border. Was used and loved! So we walked and looked and looked some more till we had to get out ! hahaha! This place may be one of those two day kinda places! Amazing!
One other place in town is called Warehouse Antiques. Was also full but not as large a space. Had more prim chippy rusty country kind of items. I loved it.
The owner, Tim, was very nice and we enjoyed our visit and conversation with him.
Be sure to check them out if you are in the area!
No quilt shops on this trip. Will have to save that for the next road trip. ;-)

October is the month of a lot of Fall Festivals and Craft Shows in our area. Hope to get to a couple but will see. Loads busy. Lots to do this time of year.
Have to get ready for some out of town family company. Which means a lot of work in our small home!
Sort of miss the days when I could put some pallets on the floor for all the kids!!! Bam! instant guestrooms!

Been waiting on the cotton to be picked before doing some outside cleaning. So far it is still a ways from ready! So no window washing!
Speaking of windows, have them open today! Wonderful!
Love Fall!!!


  1. Looks like a shop I could spend some serious time in. Love it! Yaya for Fall. It's my favorite season!

  2. Love this great weather here in n. West Georgia

  3. What a lovely little trip you took with HB--
    great photos and yes--I would of been 'burned' out looking at soooo much at a time--
    thanks for sharing the photos--
    hugs, di and miss gracie


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