Friday, October 24, 2014 now Grammy has a cold
Last Sunday Olivia was baptized. Here we all are, DH, me, Olivia, our DIL and son. our little one was wonderful through it all with no crying. All smiles and coos. After ceremony was over and picture time came she went right to sleep!
Was a wonderful day! We had prepared food to enjoy with extended family for brunch.
So after our little Miss had changed out of the family gown she was all comfy again. Only bad thing was she had a runny nose and bit of a cold! So loving on my sweetie I seem to have caught the cold!
Olivia by the way was doing better by Tuesday.  Grammy not so much.
This cold is kicking my behind good! Head stopped up, runny nose with sneezing and now sore throat.
So not a lot has been accomplished round here. Did get some home chores done Monday and Tuesday.
Hope to shake this horrid cold this weekend!
Things to do...places to go ...people to see....;-)
Had hoped to be done with this Urban Zoologie banner for Olivia's room this week. Have coordinating fabric for backs and ribbon. Using the panel to make up a square block bunting banner. There is a mobile we made using this fabric too. It is a cute and fun line to use for children. Seems to have quite the 'Mom' following. Did read somewhere though that the line is being discontinued. Hope not as it is so fun!
Anyway crossing fingers I can get this banner finished along with some Halloween items for my sweet Trick or Treaters this year!

Wednesday was a not so nice weather day. Cold and damp. So on went the gas logs!
Sure hope the price on our propane goes down this Winter.
Our gas prices are now at $2.72 a gal!!
Hard to believe we were at almost $4.00 a gal not that long ago!
Would be nice for folks traveling by car during the holidays to pay less for their petrol this year!
Course seems like food costs are just headed for the sky!
So we may all drive over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house and have pinto beans for Thanksgiving....;-)


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon!! Your little bean is adorable!!
    From one Grammy to another!

  2. Feel better soon, we got our flu shots Friday felt bad last night, trying to get over our company

  3. Feel better soon, we got our flu shots Friday felt bad last night, trying to get over our company


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