Monday, September 9, 2013

Hey Hey Lil Blue Bird

While DH was making and baking this delish Italian bread I was working on Blue Bird!
 Center is all appliqued and quilted. All on machine.
Did simple quilting in the leaves and center medallion. I applique quilt as I call it. Doing through all layers. Just love the way it pops the appliques.
No pic now but I straight line quilted the outside wide border. Now I am appliqing the vines and stars on.
Sounds backwards I know but works best for the way I am doing it. I hope to have ready for binding tomorrow. Will post a pic!

Off to PT yet again today! Not sure how long will continue. Not seeing where it is doing too much now. As long as I take pain meds I can manage. If not LOOK OUT. Yes tried one day! I have cut back on them though. Thinking epidural best. Stop taking these pain meds.

Got bill 'after' insurance for the MRI!!! GEEZE!
I did a search online for costs of MRIs. Found a clinic that just does those and for what I have left to pay hospital would have been all it cost there! So why can one place charge so much less and another so much more!!!! My meds keep going up instead of down!! Got to wonder when these kinds of issues will be addressed. Will check on prices for epidurals at pain management clinics before just going where doc sends!

OK off soap box and off to see Stretch aka PT gal!;-)


  1. That bread looks delicious ..
    Your quilt is looking great.....
    Yes in Aussie we also have varied costs for medical procedures...
    Don't understand why.

  2. You sure have had a time of it! Keep up with the PT and hopefully you will be feeling better soon!

  3. Bluebird and the bread both look fabulous. Does DH share his recipes?

    It is amazing what different places charge for the same services.

  4. Hey save some bread for me....

    love the Lil Bluebird...looks great!

  5. I am so sorry you are in so much pain!!
    I am having trouble with being sooo tired all the time and always feeling like I am trying to push a car up a steep hill when I do do something!!!
    but we will survive--I believe it--so keep on going there girl friend!!
    love, di and miss gracie

  6. Such the creative couple--soooo cute!!! I think I need to start over completley on my Blue Bird. I need to find where I threw it first. Well done! Just got what was left of my hospital bill--Argh--they didn't even give me an X-ray!!! Feel better my dear!

  7. Sending not only a feel better wish but how about a wish for that lotto? HUGS!

  8. It's also based on what your plan pays. I hit the roof on what my PT charge was Over $400/hr. While I know that the end claim amount was less, but it was just the principle of the thing. I put the kibosh on the PT. Not for $400/pop.

    It's out of control because the overhead to process each claim is so out of control.

    That bread looks divine! Your hubby is a keeper for sure! And that bluebird project is just precious!

  9. Your DH made some good looking bread...I bet it is delish!

    There is no rhyme nor reason why medical costs are so inconsistent from one place to the next and the insurance companies are pretty much useless as far as I have experienced. It is a constant fight between them and the providers.

    Ok...I'm off my soap box now :)

    Hope Stretch took it easy on you and you will feel much better soon!

  10. The quilt which seems to be very delicious!
    Have a nice day. :))

  11. Beautiful.
    Theresa N


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